Purple: Digital Locket

Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the storage places for most of our pictures.  Design studio Artefact Group have come up with a new and stylish way to store pictures. Combining the old with new, they have created a conceptual smart locket, named Purple, which connects with social networks, wirelessly, to display pictures of our most cherished moments and people.

According to Artefact, “Purple is jewelry first, technology second. From the curved lid of the locket to the unique chain hook, Purple is designed to be an heirloom piece of jewelry. Timeless materials like platinum, silver, gold and even brushed brass, together with pure smooth lines make it stand out in the sea of wearable gadgets.”

Purple-locket-by-Artefact_dezeen_468_5     Purple-locket-by-Artefact_dezeen_468_6

The locket features a touch screen and works in conjunction with a smartphone application, connecting the bearer to SMS, Facebook, Instagram, among several other applications. But instead of keeping the bearer swamped with notifications and the always switched-on lifestyle that most applications demand, Purple gives the individual choice to prioritize. Settings can be altered according to each person’s preferences.  Because of the fast pace of our lives, we tend to be distracted, which in turn creates space between us and people we care about. Purple provides the user with the choice of receiving notifications from certain people only and displays merely the desired pictures. The locket functions very much like a phone allowing messages and pictures to be sent and received and even edited. It charges, wirelessly, by being placed in a ceramic charging bowl.Purple-gif1


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