Where Have All Your Readers Gone? How To Save Your Blog During A Slump

how to save your blog

One of the main problems that comes with running a blog is trying to attract readers. Writing cool and unique articles is one thing, but they are pretty useless if no one is actually reading them!

So how are you meant to find new readers or improve your audience base during the times when your traffic isn’t doing too well? Don’t worry; getting all our readers back isn’t too difficult. You just need to use some of the following tips that can help your blog through an audience slump!

Get A Better Web Hosting Provider

If there is one thing that readers hate, it is a slow site. This can severely hamper their user experience of your website. If they get so frustrated with the slow loading speed of your website, then they might leave and find what they want to read elsewhere. The main causes of slow internet speed? It could be their web connection or your web hosting provider. More often than not, it is the latter one. If you continually experience a slow speed on your blog, it could be time to switch providers. Use comparison websites to help you decide between SiteGround vs GoDaddy.

Engage On Social Media

It is important that your blog has its very own social media profiles. At the very least, it needs to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. If you have the time, it could also be worth starting an Instagram account. Once you are up and running on social media, you need to share all of your published posts. Make sure that you are engaging with your followers and fans as well. This will make your blog a go-to place for discussion. Not only that, though, but your fans will feel very appreciated if you are continually engaging with them. And all this activity can help to attract new fans and followers!

Improve Your SEO

There are loads of blog posts already telling bloggers that they need to work on their SEO for their website. But that doesn’t mean that they take any notice! So here it is again: you really do need to improve your SEO if you want people to find you through Google searches! It is incredibly easy to give your SEO a little boost. You just need to add lots of keywords to your content. And don’t forget to add lots of link to other websites as well. Once you improve your blog’s SEO, you will notice that a lot more of your traffic comes from Google searches.

Invite Guest Bloggers

Networking is good in any line of business. And when it comes to blogging, getting to know other bloggers can open up your content to all of their readers. This is why many blogs invite bloggers to post guest articles on them. The guest blogger will share their post with all their fans and followers, who will then be directed to your very own blog! Remember, sharing is caring, and it is also a great way to get new readers for your site!

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