This Time Next Year: Methods To Improve Your Marketing In 2017

better marketing in 2017

It’s nearly the end of 2016. And have you experienced many losses? I’m not referring to the unusually high amount of celebrities that perished this year, but your business. Have you had many casualties of clients or finance? The world of a startup is a tiring one. There are many things that you need to keep track of, and you need to be aware of how to keep ahead of the game. And you need to be planning, always planning ahead for the future of your startup. If you have a customer facing business and you need to change it up a gear next year, take these on board for some inspiration.

Know Who Your Competitors Are: Your equals in business may be the ones that you need to be wary of the most. In finding out who they are, it will help you figure out your identity, your USP, and what platforms to advertise on.

Develop Different Marketing Practices: From using the latest ecommerce seo techniques to embracing old-fashioned ads, you should be making a big effort in telling the right people who you are and why they should buy from your business. Whatever the approach is that suits you, it should communicate your ethos and brand.

Change Your Business Image: Everything is related to your business image, from the front of your office building to your packaging. If you feel that it needs a change, make sure that it is done across all fronts to reflect your new and exciting approach to business, or reflects your USP.

Understand Your Customers: Learn what is important to them, and what matters right now. The economic factors can cause trepidation from a customer’s perspective, so what is it right now that will make them want to buy? Low price? Good service? The product? Once you understand this, you can tailor your sales pitches and marketing strategy to suit.

Be Different: Why should your customers come to you? You shouldn’t need to spell it out, as your USP should be what appeals to customers.

Take Care Of Your Current Customers: Your competitors will have their eye on your customers, so what can you do to keep them? Customer service is the first area that you can improve on. From introducing loyalty schemes, discounts or credit terms, these will be things to prevent your customer from changing to another supplier. And it is worth remembering that it is a lot less costly to keep a customer than to try and find new ones!

Find New Markets: This will increase your overall customer base. So if you only sell over the phone and in person, going online, or going overseas to sell are methods to consider. Use market research to find if there is a need for your product before venturing into that new area.

Look Forward: Plan for growth instead of staying still. Research into customer trends and technology and always develop. Doing this will set you up for a bigger and better 2017!

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