Revcontent: Why Choose The Largest Content Recommendation Network?

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Revcontent is the ultimate name in content recommendation network. The company has been providing content and native advertising recommendation to the media and publishing industry since 2013 and within a few years of establishment it has become the largest content recommendation network. The network has become so large that it reached more people than social media giant Twitter in February 2016.

What Makes Revcontent Special?

Revcontent has become the top choice for advertisers and content marketers if your goal is to generate the best RPM. It generates more than 250 billion recommendations a month. Its list of clients includes companies of all sizes. The list includes the likes to Forbes, CBS Local and NBC News. This network has become so large that it reaches almost 97% of American households. This is despite the fact that it is ultra-selective when it comes to accepting its publishers. Only 6% of publishers applying are accepted by this network.

Revcontent recently acquired Rover, a machine learning startup and further enhanced its algorithms and reach. In fact, the company even launched its publisher referral program.

What Does Revcontent Offer?

Revcontent is different from other native networks and this is the reason why it rose to such heights in such a short period of time. It offers a fully responsive widget as its native product. It also offers pioneering native technologies including Infinite Scroll and Stream / Gallery Implementations.

Who Can Take Advantage Of Revcontent?


As an advertiser, you will find total brand protection when you choose Revcontent. This is because this native network accepts only select publishers. It provides you total control over you campaigns with the self-serve option. Then there is the managed plan that comes with complete transparency. The key to this network’s success is that it is purely quality driven. Advertisers generate the best-possible returns. It also provides you access to influencers and influencer websites.

Revcontent offers so many options to the advertisers that it is difficult to find a comparison. The network has premium, high-traffic, and professional associations. The quality of traffic delivered cannot be doubted.

With this network, you as an advertiser are in control of what content your target audience will be seeing. And with the native advertising component, it will not be ‘ads’ that they will be seeing. When it comes to native advertising, it is all about maintaining the on-site user experience, and Revcontent has done something better than others.

High-quality, relevant and useful content/ad displayed in native form helps you generate more clicks and more traffic. And Revcontent has been a success in helping advertisers achieve their goals.

Manage Your Campaigns

Revcontent provides its advertisers total control so that they can manage how their campaigns run. You can also monitor all aspects of your campaigns. Add and remove sites after checking their performance. You can also split test multiple ad copies and positioning. You will get all the tools to achieve success.

Content Marketers

Revcontent engages users with as much as 50% pageviews per visitor compared to the non-premium networks out there. The self-serve platform provides you total control while the managed platform provides complete transparency thanks to round the clock access to reporting.

When it comes to content marketers, Revcontent provides the best-possible RPM in the industry. It has a network of high-quality advertisers and publishers. Both advertisers and publishers are provided lots of control over the content/ads. Besides, this network is extremely particular about the publishers it allows into its network. All this contributes to optimal user experience for the user and optimal returns for the content marketers.


Revcontent delivers almost 50% higher returns compared to non-premium networks. You can monitor the sites and shut down all non-performing web assets. There is total control and transparency.

Another big reason why Revcontent has emerged as the market leader is because of its focus on the quality of user experience. It delivers the kind of experience the target audience expects. It goes beyond the scope of the “cookie” using native networks.

The company has developed industry-first, patent-pending technologies focused on understanding the users.

Some of its key features include:

  • Revcontent has a fully-responsive widget
  • User-experienced based implementation – This helps in creating a true native experience
  • API/Unlimited customization
  • Infinite Scroll
  • In-Stream / Gallery Implementations
  • Numerous pioneering technologies

Revcontent Widgets

Revcontent’s widgets and tools make it a stand out in the industry. Its widgets provide advanced level of customization. The widgets are fully-responsive and render properly on all devices. They are based on Revcontent’s industry-first technologies (patent-pending), which have been proven for their effectiveness from the very success of this content recommendation network.

Premium Quality Of The Network

As already mentioned, Revcontent has an average record of accepting just 6% of the publishers that apply to become part of the coveted network. Despite this limitation, it is the largest content recommendation network. Out of every 100 sites that apply to become part of this highly-reputed network, only 6 are accepted. This shows how serious this company is in offering quality to its advertisers. This has also helped it offer some of the best payouts to its content partners. Maximum RPMs of $40 are something that have not been seen or heard in the industry.

Acquiring Rover

Revcontent has focused sharply on industry-leading native advertising technologies. It took things further with the recent acquisition of Rover. It helped the company in achieving three times the granularity that social media giant Facebook has for its sophisticated personalization learning. It has also entered into partnerships with Reuters, Forbes and The Atlantic, and recently introduced a referral program. It also acquired Europe’s largest content recommendation network to become even bigger.

Thus, there are many reasons why Revcontent has emerged as the biggest content recommendation network in the industry. Whether you a publisher, advertiser or a marketer, this is the best-possible network you can choose today. It is a proven platform and it is rewarding at multiple levels whether you become a part of the network or advertise on it.

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