Review: Utiful App

logo_playstoreUtiful is the first mobile app providing a separate gallery on your phone for project and paperwork snaps as a handy complement to your main photo gallery and it’s finally available on Google Play.

On September 1st, 2015, Pavel Atanassov announced the release of Utiful – a productivity app aiming to help people avoid clutter in their photo galleries by efficiently sorting and filing project and paperwork snaps used in everyday life. The app is a handy complement to the main gallery and an efficient tool, enabling users to neatly arrange their private projects and paperwork snaps and easily find them within seconds.


While efficiently helping people to save time that they were previously spending on endless scrolling through their main gallery, Utiful significantly simplifies the organization of the snaps that we use in our everyday life. Project and paperwork snaps are rationally separated from family and fun photos to avoid hassle in the main photo gallery. Utiful values personal privacy and doesn’t require any registration or access to the user’s identity. The app doesn’t store images outside the phone and in contrast to other gallery apps, folder icons in Utiful won’t reveal to prying eyes the last picture added.

Utiful Offers The Following Main Features:

  • Separate gallery for project and paperwork snaps.
  • Simple folders in a neat grid, avoiding the complexity of albums, collections, and moments.
  • Predefined folders for common types of useful snaps.
  • Share to Utiful to move the snaps directly from your gallery or camera app.
  • Camera button in every Utiful folder, to directly add new snaps.
  • Emoji folder icons that keep the last picture you’ve added away from prying eyes.

Utiful is a freemium productivity app, offering in-app purchases. Suitable for all ages (Age rating: Everyone), Utiful requires Android 4.1 and up. The app mainly targets the US market.

Since it’s release end of July, Utiful keeps its position in the Top 20 New Productivity Apps on the US Google Play Store, reaching up to place 8.

For more information, please visit the official Utiful website.

Utiful is developed by a small team around Pavel Atanassov, an Austrian entrepreneur who believes that technology should make people’s everyday lives easier. The team’s efforts are strongly focused on delivering value to the users. They have even named the app’s feedback option “What can we do better?” because of their strive to constantly improve the product and make it better and better for the users.

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