Rista Mobility – A Mobile Technology Company Bridging The Gap Between Physical And Online Retail Channels

The retail industry today is split into two segments, the online retailers and the brick-and-mortar stores. The online retailers provide convenience of anytime, any location shopping with product description and reviews. On the other hand, the physical store offers opportunity to touch and feel the products, and immediate access to it. Most shoppers today are omni-channel shoppers and shop online as well as in physical stores. The winning strategy in this retail environment is to have a presence in both physical and online space, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Rista Mobility is a mobile technology company that bridges the gap between online and physical retail channels, and enables retail businesses to have omni-channel presence. Rista Mobility offers a global retail sales platform designed based on mobile-first approach and runs entirely on mobile phones and tablets. The company’s flagship product Rista Sales is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution used by all business types, including retail product stores, and service businesses such as restaurants, cafes, salons and florists. It is the only high-performance and multi-store management software on Android to manage sales transactions, inventory, analytics and consumer engagement. It  is also a consumer engaging POS where consumers get to see their orders live as it progresses, receive digital receipts via SMS, email or Rista account, and save their purchase history.


Rista Mobility has another amazing product called Rista Market, a global retail marketplace that runs entirely on mobile devices. Rista Market connects retail businesses to their customers, help them grow their sales and build loyal customer base. The businesses use Rista Sales app on subscription basis to maintain catalog, perform sales transactions in-store and receive orders from Rista Market. The consumers or buyers use a free Rista Market app to browse catalogs and place orders. The orders created on Rista Market are made available to businesses in real-time and with the option to edit in consultation with the customer or accept the orders before processing it. Moreover, the orders received for delivery will come with a GPS location of the delivery address.

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Rista Market is perfect for retail products and services businesses, food ordering and catering services, and for distributors and wholesalers. Rista Market will empower the brick-and-mortar retail businesses with latest mobile technology to engage consumers and to succeed in the current omni-channel retail environment. Unlike traditional marketplaces that charge high sales commission and controls the product listings, Rista Market offers an interesting model with no middle-man and a pure technology platform for retail businesses to grow their sales and engage customers.

You can learn more about the company and its solutions at www.ristaapps.com. The company has its offices in the USA for North America and European markets, and in India to serve the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. It plans to grow rapidly by getting a large number of businesses and consumers on its sales platform. The company may step-out to raise money from VCs for the next phase of its growth soon.

You can download the apps for free from:



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