Selling Your Used Mobile Phone Has Never Been Easier With This Awesome Company

sell your phone with sellmyphone

If you’re facing a tough financial problem and don’t have any options left other than to sell your phone to make ends meat, you no longer have to worry on where you can sell your mobile phone. We found an amazing solution that will solve all these problems.

SellMyPhone is a unique mobile phone recycler, dedicated to optimizing the value received from used mobile devices. Through their purchase program, they are able to work for the advantage of those who have mobile phones, tablets, and other devices that are no longer use. Once these devices are purchased, they are put through a refurbishment process in order to also be a benefit to the people who need them. Everyone involved wins with this purchase and refurbishment system.

Some basic steps that you should follow to be able to sell your phone in no time include: taking a picture of your phone and uploading it, writing the specs and the features of your phone, and then writing the reason why you are selling the phone. You also have to write some contact details for the buyer to easily communicate with you.

Negotiations will always be a part of the deal.

Helping People With Used Mobile Devices

SellMyPhone offers the highest cash value possible to consumers with used phones and other mobile devices. Many people own these old gadgets but do not know how to dispose of them. Often when a new phone is purchased, the old one becomes unwanted clutter. Their payment plan enables people to get cash for the mobile phones and devices that they no longer use. They even accept your old mobile devices, whether they work or not.

Helping People Who Need Mobile Phones

Since they recycle and refurbish used mobile phones, they are able to provide them at affordable prices to those who would not otherwise be capable of obtaining a mobile phone. It is even possible to donate a phone for the greater benefit of those in need. Various charities and school systems benefit from this innovative system that benefits all parties involved.

Ensuring The Highest Quality

Each mobile device purchased goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that the refurbishing program results in a phone that is as good as new. Devices that do not meet their high quality standards are broken down into parts, so that they can reduce waste by utilizing the operable components. In this way, they conserve as many useful parts from these devices as possible, keeping their waste and prices, at a minimum.

Paying The Best Prices

With their careful method of refurbishing every possible device and recycling parts of those not qualified for refurbishment, keeping all the costs low. This precision and care enables them to pay the best prices for your used phones and mobile devices.

Contact us today to find out how much you can receive for your old, unwanted mobile phone.


According to their official website, you simply need to follow the following 4 easy steps to gain money for your phone:

Step 1: Search Your Phone 

Type in your mobile phone into the search box and click search or you can search by manufacturer, you will then see prices to sell your mobile phone. Describe your mobile phone, is it working or non-working. Fill in the IMEI number which you can find at the back of the battery or punch *#06# to see the 15 digit IMEI number.

Step 2: Place Your Order

Fill in your details i.e. name address and email details, choose how you want to get paid Bank transfer or PayPal.

Step 3: Free Post Phone

Then an option will be given is you wish to receive a free envelope, to make the process faster please use your own envelope with our freepost address. If you do request an envelope it can take up to 5 days to receive it.

Step 4: Get Your Cash!

When we receive your handset we will do a couple of tests and checks. Once it passes our terms and condition, you will get your cash. We will email you every step off the way from start to end.

It’s as simple as that!

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