Solitaire Card Game Strategies And Techniques

solitaire tips and tricks

The solitaire game is a very popular and interesting game. The game rules comes from Windows. Just like the classic rules on the Windows, you can set the difficulty of the game, and you can turn on or off the game sound. Unlimited undo is also supported in this app.

Specific rules of the game are following: There are four upper right positions are the collection units, which can be moved to any one position at any time. Other cards must be moved the same unit in the same suit following the order from bottom to top. When all the cards are moved into the Recycling Unit, this Council ends and you win. Note that, unlike a transit unit, cards that are moved into the Recycling Unit can no longer be taken out.

There are some solitaire game strategies and techniques:

  1. Try to keep the transit unit empty as much as possible.
  2. The cards these are covered, will be able to see when the mouse clicks.
  3. The most important trick: According to the rules of the game, predict to open a number of cards after the situation changes. When you have accumulated a wealth of experience in the game, you can do.
  4. If possible, dredge the four As as early as possible.
  5. Re-use the hollow out of the column. The cards from the largest K all the way down. So you can maximize the use of space, is conducive to pulls out the current minimum card.
  6. When the columns are straightened out, just pull out the current minimum card, you can automatically pass.

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