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The deep web is no more invisible now as a number of people have started gaining the knowledge about it. But not many know that the deep web can be searched better using the deep web search engines. The regular search engines are not capable of searching the invisible web data which these deep web search engines do. A number of deep web search engines are available to help you out in finding the hidden web data and bring it into your use. Before we discuss them, let us learn what exactly it is.

Deep Web Search Engines – A Know How

There are a number of different types of deep web search engines to find various sort of dark web links or do research about some topic. Some of them find the deep web content while some can search the media content as well. The size of deep web is much bigger than the regular web. It is nearly impossible to find the size of deep web as the data is stacked at different places. The regular search engines are not able to find deep web content. But what is the reason behind this? Let us explore more about the topic.

Why Is The Deep Web Not Indexed By Regular Search Engines?

Have you ever found any invisible or secret content on regular web? You must have not as the traditional search engines lack the capability to index the invisible data that is actually present on the web. Here are some of the reasons why these traditional search engines are not able to index the deep web data.

  • These deep web resources contain the complex databases that are not understood by the regular search engine bots. This is the reason why deep web pages are not indexed.
  • The type of deep web content may be limited access content, dynamic content, contextual web content, private web content, Non-HTML content, Archives etc.
  • The data of deep web pages is not stored at a single place rather it is stacked over different places. This also makes it difficult for the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc to index the web pages.

Different Deep Web Search Engines

If you are looking to browse through the deep web then here is the list of some of the best deep web search engines that will help you for the same. Check out the list below.


If engineering is your passion then this deep web search engine has it all for you. This search engine has the content on mathematics, computing, and engineering. There might be instances when students are not able to find the desired content on Google. IN these situations, TechXtra can be really helpful. It will not only provide the content related to the engineering, but will also give you the updates on other things.

It also covers a range of news related to the industries, job vacancies, and technical announcements, databases, teaching, and learning material. Your search on this search engine will lead you to the websites that are full of the content and takes care of your privacy well.


It first came into existence in 1938 and has been providing the information to its users since then. It is one of the best deep web search engines to find valuable information on desired topic. Although this search engine has been changed a lot since its beginning, but, what has not changed is the abundant database? It has large factual information on different topics and also the information related to day to day life.

Moreover, it covers the content like pop cultures, science, current events, history, and government. Also, it is safer to browse on this search engine rather than falling in trap with a non-trusted one. A team of experts look after the content to make it safer and secure.

The Internet Archive

This deep web search engine is totally dedicated to the entertainment. You will find a big database of music, printed materials, and audio too. One of the benefits of reaching out to this search engine is that you can easily browse more than 391 billion websites for any type of content. Many of these websites are those which were first created on the internet and later were taken down.

You will not only get the audios or videos, but you can browse through the great collection of games, images, softwares, and different applications too. ‘The Internet Archive’ also holds the project of world’s largest book digitalization. The major idea is to provide free database to the people and revive the data that was taken down. In the year 2014, the collection of this search engine was recorded around 15 petabytes.


It is another awesome deep web search engine that covers the information related to medicine, science, and business. It even provides you the information about current news, trending topics, websites, and journals. A number of software tools are also produced by this search engine that are of great importance for the users. The searches made on the search engine are conducted through ‘Explorit’. is another search engine associated with this deep web search engine. It provides federated searching of larger databases easily.


This deep web search engine works according to the query asked by a user on deep web while browsing. As soon as the user types the query, the search result page is generated accordingly. This page generated is short lived and also dynamic in nature. It cannot be indexed by the search engines. This deep web search engine has a number of databases and works upon 7 domains and 45000 forms.

It complies the existing databases and collects the information through deep web to convert it into the index form. This search engine was started as a university project in Utah and has grown significantly large providing information to all users.

The Last Words

The above mentioned was best list of deep web search engines that can be used while you accessing the deep web. These are safe and secure search engines full of big databases and information.  If you don’t know how to access the deep web or dark web, check out this guide to access dark web or deep web at

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