The Advanced Guide For Improving Your Website

the advanced guide for improving your website

Creating a functional website that’s also visually appealing definitely isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a background in web design. However, you must do everything in your power to grab the visitor’s attention and make them interested in your products or services. If your site is slow or difficult to navigate, you can expect most of your traffic to leave almost instantly.

So, how do you capture and hold more visitors? It all starts with improving the look of your website. In this post, we’ll teach you some easy and advanced tips on improving your site’s quality.

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

In the digital world, people want their information as fast as possible. The more time a visitor has to spend trying to figure out how to use your site, the less likely they are to stay (let alone convert). As a result, you should make your site as simple as possible. Your website should be so simple that even someone who’s not very tech-savvy can navigate it. Once you make your website easier to navigate, you can expect visitors to stay longer.

Have Clear Call To Actions

A call to action (CTA) is typically a written prompt to get the visitor to take a specific action. It could be a button that brings them to a contact page or a form field to capture their email address. Whatever your conversion goal is, the call to action should be clear and throughout multiple areas of your website. According to HubSpot, personalized CTA buttons convert over 200% more than generic ones.

Use Compelling Images

Sometimes an image is worth more than a thousand words. A compelling image can cause more visitors to engage with your content, which can equate to more revenue for your business. While written copy is extremely effective, humans are attracted to visuals. We spend hours looking at pictures on social media, and the same goes for when we’re surfing the net.

You should aim to have compelling and meaningful images scattered neatly throughout your website to keep your visitors interested.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

No doubt, social media runs our society (at least in the online world). Platforms are nearly topping billions of users per day, so why not get a piece of the action? There are several ways you can utilize social media on your site to grow your brand’s exposure and convert more customers.

You should have social media buttons throughout your website to encourage people to like, share, and follow your content, for starters. If you already have a decent following, share all of your posts, videos, and other relevant pieces of content on your channels to increase your traffic.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

Website load times are one of the most important elements of having a successful business online. Slow-loading websites are among the primary reasons why people won’t stay on your site longer than three seconds. As a result, you should focus on speeding up your load times to improve your site’s user experience. If you aren’t sure where to get started, numerous companies offer assistance to improve site load times.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that building and managing a successful website is difficult. However, it’s not impossible as long as you put in the effort to make your site better constantly. By doing one or more of the above, you’ll put yourself way ahead of your competitors that aren’t working to improve their website. Even making small changes can have a tremendous impact.

About Brian: Brian Jackson is the founder of Shoestring Branding - a marketing and branding blog for entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on internet-based tools and strategies.