Why Innovative Web Design Is So Important

why innovative web design is so important

So, you’ve got a business website that looks like it hasn’t been changed since the 1990’s. Not much more than basic tables, hyperlinks in Times New Roman font, that sort of thing. What does it matter, right? Isn’t simplicity the key? Who cares if it doesn’t look smooth and sexy? If there’s no animation? Function over style, right?

But the studies are working against you. Sleek, modern web design is turning glancing visitors into customers. But how? Isn’t web design just superficial? Isn’t it unfair that it can have such an impact on a business?

Here’s something to remember: visual design is communication. It can show a lot about you. You can show your desires through design Your friendliness, your willingness to educate, to break things apart and start new. To get your tone across.

If you’re still in doubt, check this out.

Your Website Is A Platform On Which To Expose Brand Consistency

You have a logo. If you have a logo, then you have colors. Why did you pick that logo? Those colors? Did you pick orange for its warmth? Black for its darkness, its daring? Red for desire and strength?

These things must be carried over into the website design. If your website design doesn’t match that of your other areas of design, customers will notice. It won’t gel for them. Your website is one of the most important things about your company. Make it look and feel like part of the family.

If Your Website Is Hard To Work With, You’re Probably Hard To Work With

A potential customer visits your site. They want a certain piece of information. But where do they get it? Is there a search tool? Is there a navigation bar with clear labels? Do they have to read every bit of text on there, or are there other indicators suggesting the meaning of that text? If the user can’t make heads or tails of your website within seconds, they’re out. They’ll assume your company is going to be equally as difficult to deal with.

Your website navigation must reflect you. Are you open, friendly, easy to work with? Make sure your website is the same. Anyone who looks at your website should be able to figure out how to use it, even if they’re not a frequent Internet user.

The Content, And How It’s Presented, Communicates Your Priorities

What does your company do? What does it care about? Don’t flood the user of your website with a philosophical treatise. You need to figure out the essence of your company and communicate that with minimalism. Does your company do business with families in mind? Do you want to sell your product by connecting with people, or by preying on their fears? It doesn’t matter how you feel about it if the content of your website gives a different message.

With short, clear, concise text the message will be easily remembered. You may notice a lot of negative space – blankness – on modern websites. This is to prevent clutter. It gives the reader a chance to process the words and images they’ve seen before the next load.

So, why is innovative web design so important? In short: innovative web design is innovative communication.

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