This Is What HTC’s GoPro Competitor Looks Like

HTC is getting ready to release a GoPro-style action camera called the RECamera. That’s the takeaway from a teaser video the company released today, which is filled with plenty of action shots — some of them underwater. We know relatively little about what HTC’s got planned, but the video suggests the device is handheld, easily mountable, and shoots slow-mo video. The video gives us a super brief glimpse at the RECamera itself, but clearer pictures of what appears to be the device were discovered by a Reddit user on HTC’s official teaser site. The pictures show a camera that resembles a small plastic periscope.


It’s not yet obvious what features HTC’s camera will have to set it apart from GoPro, which absolutely dominates the rugged, take-it-anywhere camera market right now, but its smaller size may be its trump card. Like GoPro’s camera, the HTC device appears to be waterproof, but it also looks like it could be easier to carry and mount than boxy GoPros. HTC is holding a press event on October 8th in New York City, and today’s video makes it very clear that we’ll hear the full details on its next products there.


It’ll be interesting to see HTC’s branding on something that’s not a phone. Some fans would just as soon prefer to see the company update its One M8 with a better camera and an even faster Snapdragon processor, but it sounds like the HTC One M8 “Prime” isn’t coming any time soon — if ever. Perhaps trying something new and bringing some variety to the product portfolio will do HTC some good. Keep it here for full coverage of HTC’s coming announcements on October 8th.

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