TimeCamp Review – Simple Time Tracking

There are so many technological wonders and advancements—a plethora of apps for our respective app stores, a long listing of social media hubs, and so much more. They are the source of our amusement, our connection to others, our distractions. Our distractions. One more Facebook post, one more Instagram refresh. One more. Two more. Until it becomes an hour more, and no work progress has been made. The individual work you were supposed to put in for your project becomes a last-minute dash to just get something, get anything onto paper and fib your way through. The time for that is now over. Project managers need not deal with such group members any longer, not with the availability of TimeCamp, a time tracking software.

TimeCamp offers many a features to help a project manager keep track of the various ongoing of the group members, and also has subsections that allow for an easier dissemination of ideas and goals. The Graphical Timesheet feature will allow you to draw up a calendar for all the tasks you and your group wish to accomplish. The Projects and Tasks feature allows for subsections within aforementioned tasks, to create a pseudo outline of sorts that can help you keep track of things to include. The Time Tracking App and the Attendance feature certainly help with the problematic scenario of a last-minute-information-dumping member.

The Time Tracking App can be used to measure the amount of time a group member is putting into the project. This can easily help discern between a procrastinator and a genuine member who gave an appropriate amount of time towards the project. It gives an idea of how much credit goes to whom.  Another feature that can help in time tracking, in term so offline time spent on the project, is the Offline tracking system. As the name suggests, it is a feature that can track the amount of time spent on a project away from the computer. This helps give an accuracy to the number of hours spent on the project, taking into account both the online and offline hours put towards a given project. The Attendance feature helps in having a clean, nice visual of the attendance of your group’s members.


TimeCamp offers three different pricing options. One is the Free option, that which is most apt for one-time users, or high school or college students who are looking to manage their small-scaled projects. The other two options are the Basic and Pro options. The Basic option is $6/month and the Pro option is $9/month, the Basic lacking access to certain features, while the Pro option gives access to all the features of TimeCamp.

Project managing can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be, when TimeCamp is here to help. Go ahead and give it a whirl—they offer the Free version without an credit card information input, and are much cheaper than their competitors. Avoid the headaches and utilize all the helpful features of TimeCamp to have a smooth project managing journey.

For more information, please visit the TimeCamp website or any of their social media accounts: Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn

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