To Celebrate 10 Million Users, Truedialer Has Launched A Brand New Design

Truedialer is updating double time today! Android and Windows Phone lovers will see a brand new design to their beloved Truedialer with multiple feature and design improvements.

In light of the update, we are also celebrating more than 10 million Truedialer users in only 6 months from launching! For those of you that are new to Truedialer, when you install Truedialer, you will discover how we believe a dialer should be working in 2015. See the difference between a standard dialer and Truedialer?


Normal dialers on your phone are used to take a look at your saved contacts, and dial out. But with Truedialer, we will do the same thing as a normal dialer, except if you do not have the number saved in your phone, we will look it up in Truecaller, and tell you the name of the number owner and show their picture. For Android, we also offer adding names and photos to unknown numbers in your call history. This way, you will always be sure you are calling the right person, despite being saved in your phone.

By offering a more trusted way of communication, our Truedialer users will be on top of the game when they are making and taking calls.



  • No more unknown numbers in your call history *
  • Access over 1.6 billion contacts using the Truecaller search integration
  • T9 search for fastest access to contacts
  • Access information about your contacts even those you haven’t saved
  • Support for over 500 Dual SIM devices Truedialer is available for download for free on Windows Phone and Android.

*Android Only

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