The Top 10 Most Difficult Tech Jobs For Companies To Fill [Infographic]

Finding the perfect employee/employer match is a little like trying to find “the one.” It takes time, patience and often a little bit of compromise.

Though there’s debate about whether or not there’s an actual “talent shortage” in the tech world, one thing is clear: Tech companies today struggle with hiring, particularly within a few specific roles. Candidates that are perfect fits for job titles such as database engineer or software architect simply aren’t a dime a dozen. Often, there are more job listings for such roles than available candidates.

If you are prepared to work hard and willing to spend time to hone your skills as a potential employee, it is only a matter of time before you land on your dream job. Once you’ve started working, be sure to request for pay stubs from your HR Department.

Below, we’ve created an infographic detailing the top positions that tech companies have a hard time filling.


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