Your Next Website Feedback Form May Be As Smart As This

A software firm in the UK have created a new kind of feedback form for websites – aptly named a ‘smart feedback’ form.

Think of the popular group chat app ‘Whatsapp’ and then imagine this on your website without any download needed.

So, what is so smart about it? Firstly, the developers claim that most feedback forms are complex, take too long to fill in, or have automated responses. With a smart feedback form you will always get straight through to a real person. There is no need to sign in and you can leave anonymous feedback immediately. It is all live with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users possible. The owners of the site can remove any inappropriate public content with a single click, and they can do this from any device eg. their mobile phones.

AtomJump have been developing the technology to work across any browser; going right back to IE8 but working equally well on modern mobiles eg. Android and iPhones, or iPads. Participants can also group video conference, if necessary, on more modern browsers.

The smart feedback service is free ‘comment-ware’ ie. tell the developers where you intend to use the software via a private chat and you will be given a download link. Unlike an online chat tool, a live response is optional on a smart feedback tool, so site owners do not need to man the service 24-hours a day. However AtomJump are in the process of preparing an optional ‘pay for live responses’ service, so that a full-time staff member is not required if that level of service is required. This means one of the AtomJump support team learns your business and provides responses while you’re not available; if this means taking a message when the answer is not known they will do this. This would be charged on a per message sent basis but they haven’t released a price point for this yet.

A live demo is available at

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