10 Cool Gadget Gift Ideas

10 cool gadget gift ideas

Is it that time of the year when a loved one is getting a year older, graduating, received a promotion, having a special occasion, or you just feel like gifting someone? Choosing the right gift requires you to brainstorm and know the person’s interests and hobbies. Luckily, gadget gifts are always cool gifts to receive. Everyone loves a new gadget to play with.

The pickle comes in when you have so many choices and so little time. By taking into consideration any of the recommended ideas below, you stand a great chance in making the intended person’s heart melt with so much joy.

Selfie Toaster 

There is no better way to have breakfast than while you’re eating your own face. Well, not literally of course, that would be insanity at its best. The Selfie Toaster brands the person’s image to the bread slices. It is a really enjoyable gift, especially to ladies who love a good selfie.


Fitness is for people of all age groups, not just young people. That’s why the FitBit would make a great gift for anyone, no matter what age they are. It helps you track every step and can display the number of calories burned. The FitBit is a really stylish wearable and since FitBit are the bestselling fitness monitors worldwide you can guarantee that the technology is reliable and of a good quality standard. If your gift recipient is a fitness enthusiast, then the FitBit is a great way for them to keep track of their workouts, calorie intake or simply just count their daily steps without all the added complexities of other smart watches and wearables on the market.

Food Freshness Detector

Gone are the days when you have to sniff food or check for potential color change to check if it has gone bad, or worry about purchasing fruits and vegetables that are not as fresh as you think. A Food Freshness Detector has a special sensor that detects even the slightest of microorganisms. It helps you prevent food poisoning and a bad stomach. Use technology to keep loved ones’ safe.

Virtual Reality Headset

Speak of extreme tech wizardry! The virtual reality experience is one of the best gifts you could give a tech lover. You can use VR to play games and just have fun in general. It is not age limiting and just about anyone enjoys some quality virtual reality technology.

Flameless Candle Lighter

Be it a romantic dinner, or enjoyment of a serene environment at the comfort of your home, the flameless lighter comes in handy. Just by pressing a button, the lighter ignites the candles without emitting a flame. It is safer to use and lasts for a long period of time as it is rechargeable.

Smartphone Projector

Transform any room into a home cinema with a smartphone projector. Instead of always going to the movies every time you want to watch a movie, gift someone this projector and save them the time and inconvenience. The gadget clearly projects videos to a wall and is really affordable. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some great movies in the comfort of your home.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry can pick up a lot of dirt, even though it may not be visible to the eye and potentially it could be harmful or taint the color of the jewelry. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner uses ultrasound to clean jewelry efficiently without the need for harsh chemicals. It will save that special lady a lot of time cleaning her jewelry one by one and she will absolutely love it.

Smart Cocktail Mixer

Most people enjoy a fresh glass of some amazing cocktail after a long day at work, or just to relax and feel the moment. With a smart cocktail mixer you can easily create the perfect drink using an app on your mobile phone. The app is free and always has monthly updates where the user gets to try exotic and new drinks.

Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum cleaner can help one attain a lovely clean home even when away. It helps every home owner save time and all that movement required while cleaning. It has very beneficial features and you do not even have to be at home for your home to look spick and span.

3D Printer & Pen 

3D printing is honestly a great way to be adventurous indoors. Learning three-dimensional printing also enhances your computer and technology knowledge and can making it a great fun way to learn as well as a great pastime. If the person is a beginner, get them a pre-assembled printer and maybe a few books on the basics of 3D printing to help them make their first object. The combination of a printer and a pen is great and you can pick up some amazing offers too.

These 10 gifts present a chance to enjoy upgraded technology whilst having fun. Check out Thing-a-ma-gift for more great birthday gift ideas. They scour the web and find the best gift ideas and deals out there from places like Amazon and other websites. There’s some great deals out there to be had if you shop around. Check out Amazon prime day deals section too when it comes around for great reductions on some really cool tech products.

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