3 Common SEO Myths Your Business Must Be Aware Of Right Now

seo myths

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing techniques for modern businesses. It all revolves around improving the way your website ranks in search engines. The better your ranking, the more visitors you’ll get. In turn, this leads to potentially gaining more customers.

The thing with SEO is that there are so many myths about it. It’s difficult to know what’s right and wrong. So, I have three common myths your business needs to be aware of:

You Only Need To Work On SEO Once

A common myth is that you only need to do SEO once. Loads of new businesses will put a lot of effort into improving their search engine optimization. The problem is, they think they only have to do it when they’re starting out. They’ll get amazing results, and see loads of web traffic as a result. So, they get complacent, sit back, relax, and think all the hard work is done. Eventually, their traffic starts to slow down, and their search ranking slips. This is because you need to maintain your SEO at all times. Why? Because content becomes old, pages need updating, and search engines bring in new algorithms. If you aren’t keeping your site updated, your SEO will slip like crazy. For the good of your business, you need to understand that SEO isn’t a one-time thing.

Link Building Is A Dying Art

In the early days of SEO, link building was all the rage. Everyone was building links as part of their strategy to improve SEO. As time went by, search engines introduced new systems that penalized links. As a result, everyone claimed link building was dead. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Search engines like Google started penalizing companies that spammed bad links. If you keep posting high-quality links, your campaign will run perfectly fine. Also, Google has brought out a new update called Penguin 4 to address this. Instead of full penalization, Google will devalue your bad links. You can learn more about this by reading a complete Penguin 4 review, I’m sure there are plenty online right now. To sum up, this myth is not true, and your business needs to use link building as part of its SEO strategy.

Social Media Doesn’t Improve SEO

The final myth is that social media marketing doesn’t impact search engine optimization. A lot of people think the things you post on social media won’t improve your ranking. However, the way you interact with followers can have a huge impact on your search ranking. On social media, you have the ability to share links and content with your followers. They can click these links and get taken to a page on your website. What have you done here? You’ve just added another backlink to your site, which helps with link building. But, your followers can also share your links and content too. Some may take your links and use them on their websites as they reference the link in a blog post. Don’t be fooled into thinking social media doesn’t improve SEO, as it simply isn’t true.

All these myths have been busted for you right here! Use all the information to help design a prosperous SEO strategy.

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