Five Powerful Marketing Methods You’re Probably Not Using Yet

powerful marketing methods

Marketing boosts the potential of your business. Finding new ways to get your name out there increases profits, improves your reputation, and helps your company to grow. You most likely already use various marketing methods. But while we all know how useful things like SEO and social media marketing are, you should look further afield.

Using unique marketing methods helps your business push forward. You’ll be able to reach people your competitors won’t. Your company will gain much more traction. Here are some underrated marketing methods you should be taking advantage of.

Growth Hacking

Most companies make use of multiple web marketing methods. But while SEO and affiliate link building can bring people to your website, they don’t always boost your profits.

Growth hacking is an exhaustive web marketing process that ensures your business strives. It involves using multiple web marketing methods to generate customers for your business. There are many services out there for this, such as  

Growth hacking services use all the digital tools at their disposal to market your business. It’s one of the best methods for the modern age.


Custom apps are growing rapidly as a marketing method for businesses, so make sure you keep up. Companies use apps to make it easier for customers to use their site and buy for them.

While apps based on your business might be useful to customers, they won’t appeal to everyone. You might want to get creative with apps. For example, a car dealership could create a racing game or a useful driving app. This can bring their company to people’s attention in a fun and innovative way.

Stock Images

Stock images can be used as a smart and subtle way to advertise your business. Blogs are extremely prominent nowadays, and writers need free-to-use images to suit their content. You should offer useful images under a commercial commons license on sites like

Put a graphics designer to work on images that apply to your sector. For instance, if you own a loan company, making images related to money and business can be spread on various business blogs. It’s a highly underutilized way to build links.

Guerrilla Marketing

With digital marketing becoming increasingly prominent these days, physical marketing isn’t utilized enough.

Guerrilla marketing is a term that denotes creativity and innovation in itself. Usually, it involves imaginative street marketing that will catch the attention of pedestrians.

A street mural or stickers can be cheap as well as highly effective. For some creative examples of guerrilla marketing, check out

Product Placement

Product placement isn’t particularly innovative. Companies have been using subtly embedded marketing in TV shows and movies for years. However, while small business won’t have connections in Hollywood, they can still reach out to people with a lot of influence.

One of the unique and modern ways to get your product’s name out there is appealing to social media stars. Many YouTubers advertise products given free to them on their channels. You can get an impartial review as well as bringing attention to your company.

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