4 Benefits Of Unlocking Your Smartphone + Get A FREE Unlock Code

We are all tired of locked phones and all the limitations that come with them. Thankfully, now that unlocking a phone is legal, you have a lot of choices and you get lots of benefits by doing so. Although there are much more, these are the five most important benefits of unlocking your smartphone:

Better Software And Faster Upgrades

Locked smartphones come with a load of bloatware and pre-installed apps from the carrier. Most of them are useless and have a better alternative. With an unlocked phone you don’t get any of the pre-installed apps that carriers usually put into your phone. The software is even better with an unlocked phone because there are no time or app limitations that carriers usually put. You get all the software updates when they are actually released, not when your carrier decides to. Customizing your phone is limitless with an unlocked phone and third-party apps work better than they would on a locked phone.


You can go many ways into unlocking your phone. You can contact your carrier and let them unlock the device. But different carriers have different limitations. Some of them have requirements like having your contract expired, some of them wont unlock your phone if you weren’t a user for a certain amount of time. A better and easier way to unlock your phone is to use third party. You can go to a local phone service shop which is a bit of a hassle if you don’t have any stores nearby. The best choice would be using an online service that lets you unlock your phone from your home. For example, with SafeUnlockCode you can unlock your phone in a matter of minutes, and it’s all done securely via their website so you don’t have to even leave your chair.


With an unlocked smartphone you are free to use whatever network you want to. If your phone was, for example, locked on the AT&T network, after unlocking it you can use it with a SIM card from T-Mobile or any other network out there. This is useful especially for travelers. You can take your device to any country in the world, buy a pre-paid SIM card there and use it with your unlocked phone.

Higher Selling Price

When selling an unlocked phone you can sell it for a higher price than the usual asking price for a locked phone. This is fair and expected because unlocking your smarthpone costs money and a bit of time. Unlocked phones get sold and bought quicker then locked phones, and it’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

Good To know: It’s All legal

Unlocking your smartphone became legal with Obama signing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. And with it being legal, you get far more choices for unlocking your phone and far less risk than before. Unlocking your smartphone is legal, however, jailbraking your phone is not and should not be confused with unlocking.

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