4 Gadgets & Tech Tools To Ignite Your Weight Loss Journey

gadgets and tech tools for weight loss

The weight loss journey for many is an endless pursuit. From meal replacement shakes and healthy food delivery services to fancy boutique gym memberships and constantly resetting new workout goals, the ability to lose weight or maintain weight loss seems to require quite a collection of factors.

If you’re still struggling to drop some pounds, technology may be your next best motivator, personal trainer and supporter to get you back on track. Check out these gadgets and tech-based tools to take your weight loss to the next level.

Smart Scale

Nothing is as powerful as the scale when it comes to weight loss. Those three numbers that appear on the screen can break or make you; it’s the ultimate barometer in losing weight. If you’re hitting a lull in your weight loss journey, upgrade to a new smart scale to up the ante on your progress check-in. PC Magazine reviewed the best smart scales of 2018 with the QardioBase 2 coming out on top as editors’ choice. This wireless scale tracks your progress, provides feedback in vibrations and smileys, and can gather data individually for multiple people.

Skulpt Scanner

If you need a break from the scale as a success metric, focus on your body fat percentage. Body fat affects your body composition. Lowering your body fat not only improves your physique and confidence, but you physiological well-being improves. Refer to these charts to see healthy body fat percentages for men and women.

The Skulpt Scanner can help you lower your body fat as a performance training system that measures overall and local body fat percentage, so you know what areas to target. The device also measures strength and quality of muscle groups, as well as provides fat/muscle analysis. Think of the scanner as a tool to keep you focused on specific areas that can contribute to your overall weight loss.


Beyond selfies and photos of food, Instagram can actually serve as a health and fitness tool. Many people use their accounts to share their successful weight loss journey and inspiration that their followers can do the same. Build your Instagram into a community of people who are experiencing the same challenges and wins as you. Popular hashtags like #fitnessinspiration, #weightlossmotivation, #bodygoals and #healthiswealth can connect you with more content that relates to your own journey. You can also find movements to integrate into your own workout routine by following accounts like @hannaheden_fitness and @jillianmichaels.

Weight Loss Apps

Commitment to your weight loss journey can go beyond the gym and kitchen by making commitments right from your phone. Use your phone as a personal trainer, nutritionist and cheerleader wherever you go, especially since temptation exists well, everywhere. In fact, a study by Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research found that writing in a food diary doubles weight loss, and many apps offer a food diary feature for easily logging food. This also a great time to upgrade your smartphone to an iPhone 8 to track your fitness and dietary habits and raise the bar on starting your digital weight loss program.

Here are a few apps with cool features that made Medical News Today’s list of best diet and weight loss apps:

  • Lose It!: Create a team to compete in challenges against other groups and use Snap It to track meals by simply taking a picture.
  • MyFitnessPal: Automatically add pre-packaged foods to your food diary by scanning barcodes.
  • Fooducate: Learn in-depth about nutritional information, so you know why and have the knowledge to choose healthier options.
  • Pact: Earn cash rewards for meeting your diet and exercise goals.
  • Daily Burn: Access more than 700 workouts, from yoga and strength training to high-intensity cardio, to diversify your exercise regimen.

Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are hard work; it can feel like a struggle every moment of every day, battling excuses to skip a workout or passing on a work treat. Introducing these tech tools to your health plan can help re-motivate you to reach your goals and stay on track.

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