5 Essential Steps To Create A Perfect Business Meeting

Businesses, of any size, should be conducting meetings. They’re a fine way to bring clients, customers and your fellow colleagues together to discuss all the important topics you desire. They’re a good way to gain feedback, and a good way to reflect on the week that was.

However, it’s easier said than done. You won’t be able to simply roll into a quality meeting; you’ll have to build one from the ground up. So, in order to help you out and make your job a little easier, the following steps are the nuggets of information you need to create a perfect gathering.

Find Out How Many People Will Be In Attendance

Obviously, you can’t really do anything until you have determined how many people you can expect. Whether it’s 30 or 300, you’ll need to be aware of volume to help you decide numerous things:

  • The venue – is it big enough?
  • Are there enough seats – will people be standing?
  • Have I prepared enough refreshments?
  • What will the room feel like? Will it feel warm with too many guests?
  • How many chairs will I need to provide, if any?

There are a lot more things to consider, too. Being properly prepared for a meeting begins and ends with determining the correct number of guests. You don’t want to under-prepare, or over-prepare. You want to look organised and on point. If you’re struggling to gauge the amount of people you will have in attendance, over-estimate. It’s far better to have more chairs and food than not enough.

Choose A Suitable Venue Or Location

The success of your meeting will live or die by the location you choose. So make it a good one! Whether you outsource this job to a conference management company or do it yourself, make sure your venue accounts for every person.

You also need to make sure it’s suitable for your purpose. It’s no good booking a venue that’s traditionally used for parties and celebrations. Conduct site checks if necessary.

Lastly, holding meetings out of the office is a good way to cut costs, so bear that in mind. You won’t have to run your lights or other electrical items.

Create An Agenda Or Points Of Discussion

The last thing you want, in front of a group of people, is to lose your train of thought. Creating an agenda allows you to stay focused, sharp and stay on topic. These people have gathered for a reason, so don’t waste their time. Keep your discussions brief and concise, using your agenda to make sure you hit every point you intended.

Organize Catering And Refreshments

We’re all human, and we all enjoy a bite to eat. Meetings can go on for a long time, and this can result in many hungry stomachs around the room. Plus, the longer people go without food, the more stressed they get. Keeping your guests fed and watered is a good way to keep the discussion lively and active. Additionally, you’ll look like a better host, and the meeting will be considered more of a success.

Send Out Date, Time And Location Confirmation For Attendees

You wouldn’t plan your birthday party without sending out confirmation, so don’t forget to do the same here. Not everyone is psychic you know, so let them know what’s happening. If you prefer to do things digitally, use a social media tool to bring everyone together.

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