5 Genius Ways To Market Your Startup In The Real World

Here at TechGeek365, we talk a lot about social media and technology. We cover online entrepreneurship and digital marketing. However, it occurred to us that there’s more to business than the online community. In fact, there’s an entire world out there! While others are beavering away with PPC ads and SEO, why not take advantage of the real world? Let’s get back to traditional marketing for a second, and see what techniques are working. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best offline marketing tricks.

Events And Shows

There’s no better way to put your company on the map than a high-profile event. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, or just celebrating a business birthday. Whatever the excuse, an event is the perfect way to get all the most influential industry bods in one room. You can extend the guest-list to media and taste-makers as well as potential clients and customers. After a few drinks, you can mingle with the crowd, and show off your new business. It’s the perfect way to get media coverage, and unlock a few extra clients.


You’ll have already seen sponsorship in action, and it’s very effective for brand building. For example, you could sponsor your local sports team, and get your name on their jerseys. Some larger companies are even sponsoring the stadiums themselves. Thinking smaller, you can sponsor local events like gigs and small festivals. It’s the perfect way to get your name in front of a lot of people quickly. Remember, brand recognition is incredibly important in any industry.

Handouts And Flyers

When executed correctly, handouts and flyers are incredibly effective for small businesses. Especially those who operate locally. It’s all about targeting the correct audience. For example, if you run a personal fitness business or healthy eating store, leave flyers at the gym. It’s simple and effective when you target the right people. We’re particularly fond of the modern Alpha Card. It has a concertina fold, so you pack tons of useful info into a small space. It’s great for handing out at university campuses.

Business Cards

If you ask us, there are few better ways to build a business than networking. Getting in touch with the right people can open all sorts of doors for your future. Start attending networking events, and strike up conversations with influential people. Leave them with your business card, and you never know where things might lead. A business card is professional, and you can even get creative with the design.

Guerilla Marketing

Finally, let’s look at the one marketing avenue that has no rules! With guerilla marketing, anything goes. You’re free to use your imagination to attract attention to your brand. Some of the most common examples of guerilla marketing are flash mobs on the street or creative graffiti. Come up with your own unique way to make an impact on the space around you.

We still maintain that digital marketing is a game-changer, but don’t forget about the real world. There’s a lot of value out there, and plenty of ways to build customers.

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