5 PowerPoint Tricks That Will Take Your Presentation To The Next Level

So, it’s your turn to give the company presentation, and you’re nervous because your PowerPoint skills aren’t up to scratch. Well, don’t worry, we’re here to save you. PowerPoint is a simple software on the surface, but there are tons of extra features you need to learn. The basic templates and starter kits just don’t look professional enough for a business demonstration.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the experts at a PowerPoint presentation agency to bring you some tips. They’ve unlocked some of the software’s more intricate secrets. These tricks will help you become a master of PowerPoint, and give a better presentation.

Custom Templates

Let’s face it, the standard templates leave much to be desired. They’re simple, dull, and you can tell it’s a PowerPoint template. You might not know this, but you can actually change the design, and create a better template. If you ask us, a good presentation is as important as great web design. If you always find yourself gravitating to a particular layout or form, save it as a template. If you want your company logo or header at the top of every slide, make it a template. Simple.

Create Custom Animations

We’ve all had fun playing with the PowerPoint animations. In some cases, they can look quite unprofessional and childish. However, when done correctly, they’re actually pretty effective. Rather than sticking to the software’s preset animation paths, you can draw your own. If you want an image to shift to the right, use the custom animation tool to make it happen. It might take a while to get the process just right, but it looks great when you do.

Zoom In And Out Of Slides

Have you ever been caught out by too much information during a presentation? You refer to the figures on the slide, only to realize they’re tiny, and no-one can actually see them. Well, there’s actually a shortcut here. Look for the little magnifying glass on the slide. Click it, and you can zoom right into the important parts of the slide. Not many people know about this feature, so start utilizing it in your presentations.

Add Audio

We all know that business presentations can feel a little lifeless sometimes. That’s why we like to fill ours full of media. You can now add audio to a particular slide, which will help bring things to life. You can insert a snippet of a radio show to give content to your story. You could insert a section of a podcast discussing the issue. Or, you could just play a song that suits the presentation.

Embed websites And Audio

It’s always frustrating when someone keeps flicking between a slideshow and a website. It’s sometimes necessary, but it’s a real pain. However, there is an answer. There’s a new plugin (available for PCs) that allows you to embed website content or a YouTube video into the slide itself. When you click it, it appears in PowerPoint, rather than flicking to the web browser. Life-saver!

We hope these tricks help you deliver the perfect presentation! Do you have any PPT tricks of your own?

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