5 Tips To Fully Leveraging Social Media

how to leverage social media

With the explosive rise of sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s clear that if you’re not using social media as a part of your marketing plan, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Several of the biggest social platforms are right up there with Google’s search engine in terms of the amount of traffic they receive, which you can access with just a few tips.

In the social media space, the idea that content is the most important thing you can offer doesn’t change. This differs from blogging, however, in that your content has the potential to be much more engaging – in fact, it can be a dialogue between you and your followers. The goal is to create back-and-forth communication with an invested community, where their comments and suggestions can help you better tailor the content you produce. Even if you’re already active on social media, chances are you can benefit from the following,

Connect With Similar Content Providers

Many of the top social media sites make this very straightforward, as their own traffic depends on engaging as many content creators as they can. When you first set out to build your own social network, look for popular networks that already exist and are aligned with your own products and services.

Follow them. This will allow you to leave insightful comments on their posts that have the potential to send some of their traffic to your own. Then, start building up your content cache – after all, your visitors need to see something when they get there.

Use Analytics To Create Better Posts

Once you have several micro-blog posts and content (images, video, infographics, etc) up on your social media site, it’s time to invest in analytics. You can use a robust, free one such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, or go with a professional SEO company – either one works.

Simply find out which posts bring in the most traffic, and for how long. Then, expand on the relevant topics by updating them in new posts. Your audience is effectively telling you what they want – make sure you deliver.

Content Automation On Social Networks

As time wears on, you will almost certainly need to automate curated content in order to keep the traffic coming in. Additionally, the search engines take notice of consistent content and provide a rankings boost to them.

Since anerratic publishing schedule will cause you to lose out on new visitors and stagnate visits from old ones, you’ll need to use a content provider such as Hootsuite or GatherContent to keep your audience engaged. You can also do it by yourself by writing several posts at a time, and then queueing them for release on whatever schedule you desire. Let your analytics aid you in this choice.

Invest In Facebook Advertisements

You should consider Facebook because it’s the largest social network by a considerable margin. By purchasing ads, you get a better bang for your buck – building up the content and platform to attract people more organically takes a lot of time. As a result, advertisements are simply cost-effective. Work with a great ad writer and you could really improve your ROI.

Scour Your Social Feed For Questions And Complaints

This is, frankly, one of the best “free” methods of content provision. You can be certain that if one person has a complaint, then there are several people who may have experienced the same. By scouring your Facebook feed, Instagram or Twitter retweets for questions and complaints, you can gather information for your next blog post. Social media and blogging is all about answering a need; and this method addresses that directly.

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