How To Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

grow your email list with social media

Social media is hugely influential these days. Subsequently, it has become a vital element of any digital marketing strategy out there.

While Email is still one of the most efficient ways to convert your audience into customers, you can leverage social media to grow your Email list and generate greater leads, resulting in soaring revenues. Email marketing lets you communicate your message directly to your audience. You can send highly tailored messages to targeted audiences and generate greater leads through Email marketing.

Even though the scope of digital marketing is larger than it ever used to be, Email marketing is still quite relevant for those seeking highly targeted marketing.

Here are a few extremely useful methods to grow your Email list using social media.

Build Email Lists Through Incentive-Based Publicity

Consumers are highly attracted towards free stuff, and you can leverage this human nature to grow your email lists, But the question is, how are you supposed to promote your free downloads?

Social Media is the answer. You can regularly upload posts on social media, urging people to sign-up in return for free eBooks, downloads newsletters or even coupons.

Moreover, you can announce giveaways on social media specifically for those subscribed to your newsletters. This way, your Email list will swell in no time.

You can offer introductory coupons for consumers as soon as they subscribe to your list, motivating more people to sign up for you.

Your social media posts can communicate your message and offers to large audiences, resulting in a greater number of leads.

Call-To-Action Is The Key

CTA or Call-to-action is a piece of text that prompts users to take action. You can dictate your audience to complete a specific task through a CTA.

The best part about CTAs is that you can add them anywhere. For example, you can add a CTA in your social media posts, promotional videos, adverts, captions or even in the bio of your Instagram account.

You can urge your visitors, consumers and leads to signup or subscribe to your newsletters through CTAs. This way, you can grow your Email lists in an extremely efficient manner.

Leverage Facebook’s Sign-Up Option

Here’s a pro tip. Facebook lets you enable a Sign-up option on your Facebook page. You can enable this option, and a sign-up button will appear right at the top of your Facebook page. This button will direct your audience to a landing page that’ll let them subscribe to your list. You can design your landing page all by yourself to make to catchy and adjust the theme in accordance with your requirements.

Publish Gated Content

Gated content is another extremely effective method to grow your Email list, and social media is the ideal platform to promote gated content.

If you aren’t aware of what gated content is, it comprises of content including blogs, articles, videos, etc., that remain hidden until the visitor feeds in their Email address.

The reason why social media is the best platform to share gated content is that platforms like Facebook and twitter display gated content just like any other post. This will prompt users to open the content and enter their Email address once they’re asked to do so.

While leveraging gated content to grow your email list, you must ensure that the content you provide to them is worthy enough hence gating your best content wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

With the correct strategy, you can actually leverage your social media to generate leads and grow your Email list at a pace beyond your expectations.

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