Advanced LumiTact G700 Military Flashlight – Ultimate Review

Choosing the right flashlight is always a difficult choice to make. Since there are so many options available out there to find the best of all of them in a affordable price range is beyond difficult.  The most trending flashlights of 2016 are military flashlights. Military flashlights have been present on the market for several years but they have never been so advance like they are now in 2016.

Military flashlights entered a new more advance technological era where military flashlights are not just simple lights. The big adjustment that makes every military flashlight above every other flashlight is because of the idea of making the military flashlight not be just a simple light but to be a multi-functional tool that can be helpful in every situation. The top trending and currently bestselling flashlight on the market is Lumitact G700 military flashlight.

Every flashlight fan that I have talked to has recommended to me this particular flashlight, it took me while to find out more about the G700 military flashlight but now when I know all the details about the G700 here is my ultimate G700 review.

What Makes The G700 Different From Other Flashlights?

LumiTact G700 flashlight is more than just a simple light that is used to light up a dark area. This flashlight is made to be useful for almost every type of situations where a flashlight is needed. Beside the fact that the G700 military flashlight’s multi-functional modes this flashlight has also a revolutionary LED technology integrated into its hardware. The new hardware technology has increased the lumen capacity to a level where the G700 is one of the most brightest flashlights available on the market.

History & Origins

To understand the full potential that the G700 military flashlight has you must first learn about its history. As you may know LumiTact is the company that manufactures this flashlight. LumiTact is a very famous company in the flashlight industry but for the past 5 years they have been spent from the open market because of their government contract. After the release of several successful flashlights on the open market the government spotted their talent and offered them a contract for 5 years to manufacture flashlights exclusively for the US military, police forces, firefighters and security consulting groups.

After the 5 year absence from the market their latest flashlight is the G700 military flashlight which was meant for military purposes but after they dropped the contract with the government this flashlight was finally available for regular citizens.


Long Lasting Battery Capacity & Rechargeable Option

One of the things that makes this flashlight great for any kind of outdoor activities is their long lasting battery capacity. With the integration of the revolutionary LED hardware into the G700 military LED flashlight, the industry average battery duration of 10 hours was multiplied by X5. Because of the new LED hardware the G700 can now last 72 hours of constant work.

To power this flashlight you need 3 double-AAA batteries but maintain the flashlight with new double AAA batteries is a unwanted expanse for everyone. In order to make the flashlight more attractive the engineers added the rechargeable option which can recharge all 3 batteries for less than 1 hour.

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