Feedbackly Takes The Mess Out Of Feedback Measurement And Makes It Actionable And Visual

A Finnish startup, Feedbackly, has launched a service that enables easy and affordable customer experience measurement across all feedback channels. With Feedbackly, companies can collect feedback from their customers in all potential touch points from bricks­and­mortar stores to eCommerce sites and even email and SMS. They are the only company in the market that offers multi­channel customer experience measurement in one platform.

“There’s plenty of data collected but you would need more than ten different systems to be able to create a clear view of your customer in different channels. We can really offer companies a modern way to improve their customer experience with our all­in­one package and help them quite literally save thousands of euros a year”, tells CEO, Jaakko Männistö.

Just one month ago, Feedbackly announced their growth funding of 500k€ and now they have launched their SaaS ­product. The product is a fully scalable version and it is already in use with hundreds of customers. With the new SaaS product, Feedbackly starts their global sales and building their reseller and partner network. The company already has resellers in Sweden, Baltics, Denmark and Germany and now they are looking for more.

“Our primary target is to find new resellers and at least double the size of our network by the end of this year. Right now we already have about 500 locations using our software and we have gained more than one hundred new users during the last month.” says Feedbackly’s CEO Jaakko Männistö

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