Arist: Your Personal Barista In A Coffee Machine

arist smart coffee brewer review

In a previous post, we briefly touched on the subject of Coffee and highlighted the recent studies that confirmed the benefits of coffee / caffeine, and here’s how you can drink more coffee if you aren’t already: Arist.

“Arist is going to revolutionize your at home coffee experience with a tap on the phone”.

To get a better idea of what this machine looks like and what it’s capable of, below is a video from their YouTube Channel.

The Arist team planted seeds in the crowdfunding field back in 2014, and have come a long way since the Kickstarter campaign, they even participated in CES last month.

In a nutshell, the app controlled espresso machine provides its users with the unlimited freedom to explore the different ways they’d like to brew their favorite coffee beans, this is primarily what distinguishes Arist from other “super-auto” coffee makers on the market. This personalization is achieved via the Arist super user friendly mobile app which allows you to brew and customize your coffee, as well as enabling you to shop from a variety of beans and coffee related items.

The innovation behind the brewing process is not the only thing that stands out about this smart coffee brewer,  Arist claims that the machine can  apparently self-clean its plumbing prepping itself for the next morning. Another interesting characteristic is that if you happen to be running low on ingredients, the Arist app will notify you. This smart coffee brewer also includes Cup Recognition Technology. This feature uses the near-field communications (NFC) reader which is built into the base of the machine (where you put the cup) along with six NFC stickers to place on your favorite mugs. The Arist teams claims that this will allow the machine to learn “how to brew your specific beverage of choice simply by setting your mug down on the drip plate”.

Moreover, to broaden your coffee experience, Arist also promises “to recommend new beverages based on your existing stock of ingredients and its understanding of your tastes”.

On the mechanical side of things, the Arist features a precision flat-burr grinder to ensure consistency of grinding size throughout different grains, a dual syrup dispenser that allows multiple syrups to be dispensed for the ultimate customization, and a built in automatic milk frother since the liquid, except water which has it’s own compartment and filter, is heated in the cup rather than in the machine.

Aesthetically, the Arist coffee machine is one of the best looking coffee machines out there. There isn’t an abundance of buttons on the machine since you control everything through the app, it’s minimalistic exterior is pleasant to the eyes and blends in wherever you place it.

Coffee has truly become an everyday necessity and indulgence, and now you have the chance to not only drink, but also make it and mend it to your own personal preference.  So ditch those tasteless sachets you call “coffee” because all the at-home brewing appliances, especially Arist, are the stuff dreams are made of.

The Arist coffee brewer will retail for US$899-$1,299, up from the original Kickstarter price of US$300.

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Happy Brewing!

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