Beautiful iMac Concept Design Mixes Past With Present

The fancy new Retina 5K iMac certainly is pretty to look at, but there’s something about the simplicity of the past mixed with the latest technology to make something truly stand out.

Case in point: This Apple computer design concept that combines the silver-sleek looks of new iMacs with the boxy shape of long-since-gone Mac computers. The bulky back end would be completely gone, and the disk slot would now be replaced with an SD reader. It’s the perfect Frankenstein’s monster of something like a shiny new iPad Air 2 and a piece of machinery that Steve Wozniak might have built in Steve Jobs’ garage in the ’70s.


It’s not real, unfortunately, so this one is only destined for our dreams. If it were to hit stores, however, the designers — from Curved Labs — have some specs in mind. The computer would be available in silver, gold and grey, just like new iPhones and iPads. It would have 128GB of storage built in, as well as an i7 chip from Intel.

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