Technology Meets Fashion Design

3D scanning, modeling and printing are now more frequently seen on Haute Couture catwalks of  fashion designers such as Iris van Herpen, Michael Schmidt, Katya Leonovich and  Noa Raviv. Clothing is being produced like never before due to this innovative technology that allows designing from 3D files which can be made into a perfect fit with minor changes in coding.

3D-Printed-Dress-Victorias-Secret       catherine-wales-ma_2625387a

The products of 3D scanning are becoming more practical and accessible. Properties of materials can now be altered in terms of flexibility and density, to the point that they become similar to textiles. Most likely the production of ready-to-wear will change in the near future. Experimentation still needs to be done until the textiles are ready for mass production. But one thing is for certain: boundaries in the fashion industry as being pushed, revolutionizing the way we view and wear clothes.


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