Best Custom Keyboards For iOS 8: Customize How You Communicate!

best custom keyboards

Now that you’ve got iOS 8 installed, one of the very first things you should do is try out some new keyboards, right? However, with the flurry of App Store updates that are happening, that’s a task in itself. So if you’re only interested in the best iPhone and best iPad keyboard apps currently available, follow along for our top recommendations!



SwiftKey is one of the best selling Android apps of all time, and for good reason. Not only does SwiftKey come complete with a great text prediction engine, SwiftKey Flow on the iPhone lets you swipe your way through words in a snap. And if you like to use multiple devices, you can use SwiftKey Cloud so everything SwiftKey has learned about your typing style and all your custom dictionary data is available all the time, everywhere.

If swiping is your thing and you frequently spend time cross-platforming, look no further than SwiftKey.

TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard


TextExpander is a wonderful little utility that lets you store custom snippets of text that you use frequently. Before iOS 8, TextExpander’s capabilities were contained into its own notes app, but not anymore. TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard brings your snippets to you anywhere you use a keyboard. Just type your shortcuts and voila, TextExpander takes care of the rest.

If you work with a lot of templates or already use TextExpander elsewhere, TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard is a no brainer.



Swype, like SwiftKey, lets you use swipe gestures in order to make out words. For those that like customization, Swype comes with five different themes. One unique feature of Swype that many other keyboards don’t seem to feature is a traditional number pad when the number key is toggled, which some users may particularly appreciate. And as expected, Swype should get smarter the more you use it and pick up on words as you type them and use them more and more often.

If you want custom themes and a dedicated number pad for faster number entry, check out Swype.



Fleksy does a great job of combining traditional tapping with intuitive gestures. For example, if Fleksy predicts something incorrectly, just swipe back anywhere on the keyboard. To toggle between predictions, just swipe up and down. You can also change themes in the Fleksy app itself as well as choose between smaller and more compact versions of Fleksy.

For a completely customizable and unique way of typing, be sure to give Fleksy a try.



Minuum offers great predictions in what’s an easy to use and sleek keyboard. You can even swipe down in order to view a completely compact keyboard. This mode adds bunches of letters but still manages to predict what you’re typing with surprising accuracy. Many people will love that Minuum offers a consistent experience that’s similar to the default iOS keyboard, but shows more prediction suggestions.

For a minimal keyboard that gets out of the way, while still offering up more predictions than its competitors, Minuum is what you want.

Your vote for best custom keyboard in iOS 8?

If you’ve been playing around with third party keyboards from the App Store, what ones have been your favorites and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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