Best Marketing Tools For Your WordPress Website

wordpress website marketing tools

As a business owner, your marketing strategy is powerful. It determines your wins and losses, and a solid marketing campaign and day-to-day tactics can improve your ability to attract and keep the right visitors. Fortunately, if you’ve chosen WordPress web hosting, there are plenty of ways to use the platform to your marketing advantage. With thousands of different plugins and unique features, this content management system is built to put you front and center. Here are different marketing tools that you can take advantage of when you use WordPress.


Building out your subscriber list is very important in the world of marketing. And while there are many email marketing campaign platforms, MailChimp is one of the more popular options. With WordPress, it’s possible to integrate the newsletter tool directly into your WordPress site.

Statistics have shown that roughly 75% of visitors who leave will never come back. An effective email marketing plan helps capitalize on that. Mailchimp is known for being easy for users, making it the perfect option for users who want a simple, streamlined system for sending out email campaigns. With the WordPress-Mailchimp integration, any visitors that sign up will be automatically funneled into your Mailchimp list and viewable when you log into the Mailchimp dashboard.


You can also employ other signup forms, like OptinMonster. Through OptinMonster, you can create many different types of signup forms, from pop-ups to side bars to slide in forms. And unlike MailChimp, which is merely a tool for utilizing your favorite email marketing platform, OptinMonster focuses on the art of actually getting new subscribers and building beautiful subscription forms. You can split test forms, do page-level targeting, and even set up an exit intent. Still not convinced of its potential? WPBeginner published a case study on how OptinMonster helped them achieve a 600% increase in conversions.

The Headline Analyzer

When it comes to marketing, content is king. The ability to attract your target audience with words can make or break your business. Studies have shown that roughly 80% of people will stop engaging with an article after they read the headline. This fact is what ultimately resulted in the mainstream success of “click-bait” headlines – the attempt to grab people in with your titles. And while click-bait titles don’t have the best rep with quality content, with the right tools, you can have the best of both worlds: a catchy headline, and great accompanying content.

The Headline Analyzer is a free online tool that aids that goal. It helps you create gripping headlines by analyzing it for word balance, length, sentiment, and several other variables. Once you’ve punched in your headline, it will assign a score of out of 100 and show you a preview of what the headline will look like in Google search engines.


Yoast is the most renowned plugin for SEO and marketing capabilities. It can be very difficult for business owners to handle search engine optimization, especially on their own. SEO is certainly a moving target, with shifting algorithms and new practices appearing regularly. To keep track of the trends, as well as what’s expected of your site, a little guidance is necessary.

Yoast ensures that every aspect of your site is optimized – especially your content. It helps WordPress site owners handle titles, meta details, and even XML site generation. Any on-page SEO elements  that you might need – like alt tags or images – Yoast will remind you of. This ensures that you’re never behind when it comes to search engine optimization. The end result is not only an optimized site, but a better user experience.


Monarch is a WordPress plugin that allows users to optimize their social presence. With Monarch, you can easily customize and create social media buttons for the front-end, and it’s coupled with powerful social analytics on the back-end. With this plugin, you can also display follower count, choose different locations within content to display your social links, and create automatic triggers for when those social icons appear.

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