Ha! We Have Some Marketing Solutions That Will Make You Smile

marketing solutions to smile about

Running your own business is tough.  You have to be an expert in so many fields.  Even though you may delegate tasks to other individuals, it is still vital you have your finger on the pulse and get up to speed with the latest trends.

Marketing is one area that will increase the relationship between consumer and brand.  It is an area where creativity and logic come together to give potential clients a fun introduction to your business and your team, important answers to help improve their service or your product.

We’ve gathered up some awesome strategies and clever ideas to inspire you and help deliver a great experience for all the stakeholders in your company.  

In 2012, London held the Olympics.  It was sponsored by Samsung.  The brand created experiences and various destinations across the city.  Including the Heathrow T1 departure lounge.  From July to September ‘Samsung Studios’ focused on showing the public what the Galaxy Note and S3 could do.  Consumers could play with the Olympic Games app or have a personalized badge made from a selfie, taken on the S3.  To keep a buzz around the studios, Samsung ran a competition where you could win an around the world trip and the new S3 if you collected a pin badge from studio everyday.  This ensured there was a high buzz on social media and in the locations themselves, attracting more people each day.  They didn’t sell any products on location, which made the consumer feel they were just enjoying an interactive experience.

You can take example of Samsung through new technology like an interactive panel pc.  Touch screen tech makes it possible for your consumers to really enjoy your products.  You just need to think of fun ways to engage them.  Running a competition such as Samsung’s is a great way of raising interest and getting people talking and sharing your marketing campaign.

Red Bull are the masters of experiential marketing.  From the Air Race to F1 teams they raise interest in their brand through a variety of Adrenalin fueled gigs. Though none of these garnered the same global attention as the Stratos Jump. Felix Baumgartner passed the speed of sound as he broke a 52-year-old record for the highest recorded parachute jump in history and every terrifying second of it was covered by global media.  Whilst we don’t recommend jumping out of a plane from the edge of space, you could invest in some high octane marketing supporting a racing team or driver such as the Mission Motorsport charity.  Or you could take on a daring do of your own.  Just be careful, and don’t forget your branding.  You don’t need to be doing the whole thing twice!

Sensodyne had a clever campaign when they launched their Complete Protection range.  The point was to help show how their new tech could help sensitive teeth whilst ensuring the consumer thought more about the impact teeth health has on their lives.

Setting up ‘The Great Sensitivity Test’ they split their interactive exhibit into three zones.  One was to allow people access to a sensitivity check with a dentist.  They could also win prizes and they were given free samples.  They were also shown a demo of the product.  The next zone was a huge tooth which gave people a great place to take an awesome photo of the city.  This meant that the GSK group were posted in various pictures across social media and drew more consumers to come down.  Finally Sensodyne set up a final zone with the aim to host the world’s largest ever oral hygiene lesson.  232 people watched as a dental expert taught them how to look after their teeth.  6,500 free samples were handed out and the company received 150 mentions across the media.  Over 200 people had checks.

Giving your client a fun interactive experience, lots of samples and a great selfie opp means you will gain a little more social media coverage.  If your product is beneficial for the health of the consumer then having a service that they may be too busy to keep on top of, available, is a great way of giving back more than it appears you are taking.

Marketing really should be fun, and whilst most of the companies we have mentioned have huge marketing budgets, there are some great ways of including their expertise into your own business.  Just think a little bit out of the box, get into the mind of your consumer and then deliver a demonstration of who you are that will bring a little happiness to their day.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.