Biz Talk: Technology & Its Benefits For Attracting Millennials

technology and its benefits for attracting millennials

Do you see your business developing into a top brand? A brand that everyone knows the name of? Yes – then you need to tap into the resource that is millennials. The fact is that the buying power of millennials increases each year, which means if you are serious about succeeding in business then you need to get millennials on your side because they are the big earners which means that they are also the big spenders.

Many businesses struggle to connect with this generation of consumers. Admittedly, the businesses that tend to struggle most with appealing to millennial consumers are older, more established brands, as younger and more hip brands have the upper hand. But that’s not to say that younger brands can’t also struggle to appeal to this generation – because there are plenty of startups that just aren’t attracting millennials in the way that they should be.

When it comes to appealing to millennials, they key is technology. The fact is that this generation of consumers has grown up with technology being ingrained in almost every part of their lives. What this means is that for businesses, reshaping how they appeal to their customers is key. If your business doesn’t work hand in hand with all of the latest technology, your consumers will not include millennials; it’s as simple as that.

With that in mind, here are some ways that you ensure that your brand appeals to more millennials. The key to appealing to this generation is technology, as you will see below.

Utilize The Internet

These days the internet is a crucial tool for business of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the audience that they are trying to attract. That being said, when it comes to making your business more millennial-friendly, the internet is a crucial component. Most millennials spend a large portion of their day online, which is what makes the internet a key marketing tool when attempting to make your brand more appealing to this generation of consumers.

Millennials are a generation that prefers watching videos on YouTube and streaming via Netflix to watching regular TV. They are a group that wakes up each morning and goes onto Facebook and Twitter to check the news – they don’t read newspapers or watch the news, they are a digital generation. This says a lot about how marketing aimed at millennials should be constructed – their media consumption habits say it all.

The question is, how can businesses utilize the internet as a key marketing tool? The most important thing is sharing information via the internet. You see, millennials are researchers – they like to use all the resources at their disposal to research things, so ensuring that you have plenty of information available to your consumers is vital. A key tool for this is a soundly constructed business website that is packed full of clear, concise information about your brand and products or services. Also, a word to the wise, the use of SEO in your content can also help to make your company more appealing to millennials. You see, most of this generation will only view websites that appear near the top of search engines, so that higher ranked your website is, the better.

Go Mobile

For the millennial generation, even how they research things and use the internet is different to older generations. Studies show that 85% of this generation prefer to go online via smart devices instead of via computers. This demonstrates how millennials use technology differently, preferring to utilize portable devices rather than static ones. When you think about the hectic lives most of this generation lead, this statistic makes sense.

With this in mind, it’s even more vital than ever before that websites are responsive and can be effectively run via portable devices. This is also the reason why more and more companies are choosing to have apps developed for their brands. Creating an app that’s specific to your brand can be an effective way to ensure that you are offering millennials an easy way to use your website, which is what makes it worth the time, money and effort. However, if you rush the process and fail to invest in mobile app testing, you will regret it. If you are going to make the effort to create an app, don’t skip the testing stage – after all, bugs and glitches won’t impress millennial users.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Millennials grew up using social media from a young age, which means that it is an important part of how they use the internet. Because of this, this generation expects all brands to have social networking profiles to use to market themselves and their products on. The key to successfully utilizing social media to make your brand more appealing to millennials is to use social sharing effectively. The question is, what does this mean?

What using social sharing effectively means is not just having social media profiles to have them, it means actually using them. What millennial consumers like to see is brands using social media as a way of engaging with their customers, networking with other brands, and sharing interesting and informative content. Ideally, this should be content from their own blog as well as from other reputable sources. To utilize social media to build your millennial audience the key is to make engagement a priority. Think virtual networking, running competitions, sharing content regularly, and most importantly, posting things that will get people talking.

Hire Millennials

When it comes to targeting a specific audience, one of the best things that you can do as a business is hire people from that audience. Want to appeal to more millennials? Then hire millennial employees to help you to do that. Employees really are your greatest asset when it comes to targeting a specific group of people.

The fantastic thing about millennials is that when it comes to utilizing technology to make the process of appealing to this generation easier, they have plenty of skills and experience. They know how to reach out via the internet and social media, as well as through other types of tech. They understand the importance of innovative thinking when it comes to using technology to help attract people within their age range.  

Streamline Your Processes

Millennial consumers are keen to only invest in products or services that come from a business that has streamlined services. The reason for this is simple: it’s because when a business’s services are streamlined, it tends to be a more sustainable brand. This generation of consumers is big on being environmentally friendly and doing their bit to help support sustainable businesses.

Streamlining your processes is simple: it means finding the most efficient ways to deal with each task that needs completing. This can mean outsourcing, training highly specialist team members, or it can mean automating certain tasks. By automating tasks using technology like CAD and CAM software, for example, you can make your business more sustainable, and thus more appealing to millennials. As well as attracting millennials to your brand, streamlining your services also has many other benefits. These include helping to make your workplace a more productive one and slashing your business running costs.

There you have it, a guide to how you can use technology to help make your business more millennial-friendly. The fact is that millennials are some of the world’s biggest spenders, which is why if you are going to make a success out of your venture, it’s vital that you have support from the millennial generation. This is what makes finding ways to appeal to them so incredibly important.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.