Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: Windows Application Review

We love to keep all our photographs with us so that we can cherish the clicked moments for years to come. It was hard in the days of camera films, but photo albums are largely digital now, and it is getting increasingly easier to store all our image files.

Digitalization of our photos has reduced the production cost significantly, and hence we now have hundreds and thousands of photos lying in an unorganized manner in the external storage or hard-drive.

Do we keep only those images that are useful in some way or the other? Actually, if you try to dig a little deeper in your system you could find hundreds of duplicate and similar photos taking hostage of invaluable hard-drive space.

Think of the pictures taken in burst mode that you synced to your computer, the image that you copied from the download folder to the desktop, pictures you restored from a pen-drive or cloud, photo collection you synced from smartphone to computer, and many other ways you populated our hard drive with identical image files.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro seems like a good option to clean all identical or near-identical images from your laptop or computer. The application is also available on Mac App Store where it has constantly ranked among the top 10 paid applications.

Let’s have a closer look at its Windows version.


User-Interface and layout is pretty clean and user-friendly. The instructions are clear, and I don’t face any issues dealing with this tool.


How Does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Work?

The home-screen calls for users to add folders or photos they want the app to scan.


One can add photos or folders by selecting ‘Add Photos’ or ‘Add Folder’ option respectively or by dragging and dropping. I found the latter easier to use.

If you want to scan every location of your system for duplicate image files, simply add all the drives.

Using Comparison Method

There is a sidebar that comes with additional filter items.

After adding the required folders, one can tweak some settings to tell DPF’s scan procedure which type of similar photos one wants to delete.


If you need to remove only duplicate images, choose ‘Exact Match’. This option will exempt you from changing other settings; however, if you are choosing ‘Similar Match’ you must define ‘Matching Level’. The higher the balance of the slider towards ‘High’, the more stringent the method employed before qualifying the two images as similar.

Using the ‘Bitmap Size’, a user can choose between quicker scan results and accurate predictions of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

If the number of options provided seems overwhelming to you, there is no real need of changing any settings as default settings give good scan results without any issues.

Scan Results

I performed the scan without tweaking any settings, i.e. I just added the folders and clicked on scan option, letting the application do its job on default mode.


A total of 49 photos were detected as similar or identical (for testing purposes, I intentionally duplicated some photographs in the folders I added) and were divided among 16 groups, each holding a batch of images that appear similar.

You can delete duplicate photos to mark one by one looking at their thumbnails, which are large enough to enable you to decide their content, or you can use ‘Auto Mark’ feature, which automatically selects all images but one from each group for deletion.

The app ensures that not all copies of any particular image get deleted, and the original image remains safe.

One thing that I particularly liked about this application is the presence of ‘Matching Level’ slider on the scan result’s window. In case, if anyone is not satisfied with the results, he or she can adjust the matching level and the scan result will accommodate the request effectively.

I shifted the slider to the extreme left, and the app picked up even only slightly similar images (by the way I was happy deleting all of them).


In case you have accidently removed any of the image files, you can always recover them from Recycle Bin.

Final Comments

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is definitely a good product to that has some nice features. It is a good idea to first get your photo collection organized, and then send it to cloud if you are planning to do so.

If you download a lot of images from the Internet, or restore files from the cloud or sync your camera devices to your computer frequently, you must try this application. You will be amazed at the number of similar or duplicate photos your system has accumulated over time.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a good duplicate photo finder tool and a smart way of trimming down the size of the image gallery of your Windows.

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