Explore The City Like Never Before

Miratia is something unique in tourism that bring people out to the fresh air to play in London, Paris, Rome, Venice and Budapest. You can explore the city with a frame story while playing in your own rhythm and timing.

The platform is a great possibility for tourists or citizens who wish to see a new face of the city as Miratia is a location based app combining the features of geocaching, treasure hunting, escape rooms with sightseeing. The original concept is that the player choose a story in which he or she will be the main character: by solving quests and puzzles, searching for hidden information or even by performing diverting tasks. All this will help them to find the right place where the next clue waits on the spot.

While completing the game the player needs to come out of the room and be at the right places so that the GPS in the app could trigger the next scene. There is no map, no need for clicking buttons, only to find the right places of the games, one after the other. After the download the game works offline during the whole gameplay.

There are several genres from detective stories to romantic games and with an eye to different age groups: Miratia city games have different levels of difficulties too.

The city games are available in several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish in the following locations already: in London, Paris, Rome, Budapest and Venice. Search for the app in App Store or in Google Play!

You can find more information on Miratia’s websiteFacebook or Twitter.

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