Five Great Security Gadgets

The prices of our home appliances and electronics increase each year. This means security is becoming increasingly more important in our lives. Finding your home has been burgled is a horrible experience and one that no one ever wants to go through. Thankfully, today there are many products that can help you increase your home’s security. If you buy only a couple of these items, you can be safe in the knowledge that intruders will find it harder to break into your property. So which are the five best security gadgets out there? Here are the top five.


Surveillance may not appear to be active in the fight against crime, but it acts as a fantastic deterrent to thieves. As soon as a potential burglar sees cameras on your property, they will be put off from trying to enter. If they do, you will hopefully catch their face on film. This can be given to the police as evidence so they can try and catch them. Some CCTV systems can even be hooked up to your smartphone so you can check on your home while you are out.

Smart Locks

If you are sick of carrying a large bunch of keys around, then consider investing in a smart lock. The lock connects to your smartphone via an app or Bluetooth. As soon as the lock senses your phone getting close, it will open the door. With some models, you can control the lock from wherever you are. So if you are stuck in the office and need to let the kids in, simply open the lock via your phone.

Fake TV Light

Burglars are less likely to enter your house if they think you’re still home. Lots of us already leave our hall lights on when we are out, but intruders are starting to wise up to this trick. One excellent product that can help fool thieves is a fake TV light. Place the light near your TV and it will glow and flicker to mimic a television. One of the coolest features is you can set a time so it will come on once you are out. Now when a burglar peeks into your home, they will think you are in watching your favorite show!

Pressure Mat

You can now buy doormats that can sense when someone is stepping on them. As soon as they notice a pressure, they will set off a bell or chime inside your home. These great inventions can be used when you are home, so you are aware someone has entered your home. They are also useful when you are out and about. Programme one so it can send a notification to your smartphone whenever someone steps on the mat.

Antivirus Software

It’s not only our physical property that needs protection these days. We also need to take notice of our online security. Make sure all your computers and devices have the latest antivirus software on them. If you aren’t sure which one to go for, take a look here.

It’s super easy to make your home more secure. All it takes is a couple of simple additions!

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