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Five Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

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If you’re reading this article, then you are using some kind of web browser to bring it up. Most likely, you are using Google Chrome to read this, as it is the most popular web browser out there. With that being said, there are many options available for Google Chrome extensions in the Google Play store that will make your web browsing more productive, more fun and even simpler. We are going to look at five of those extensions, as we consider them to be must haves!


With TabiTab, you can enjoy a quick and easy browsing experience. This new tab app gives you fast access to all your favorite websites and apps in one place. The extension allows you to sync your emails and calendar from your new tab in real time. Not only that, but get creative with this extension and choose your own stunning photos to create your new tab background. The user can also sync their own YouTube playlists, as well as browsing the recommended playlists in the extension. Plus, you can find and play millions of videos with TabiTab, as well as get the most updated news streamed in real time right in your new tab! Install it here.

HTTPS Everywhere

Before long, every website will be required to have HTTPS live on their website. This is the encrypted web standard that protects users of the website, as it allows them to protect the data you’re entering from surveillance and being hijacked by hackers. This extension was created to automatically switch websites that are still using the insecure HTTP to the safer HTTPS. Install it here.

Cite This For Me

Do you find yourself writing your latest term paper and having to flip back-and-forth between different tabs to find the source you are using? Not anymore, as this extension will give you a button to click on and it gives you one of four citation styles to choose from for that website you are viewing. When clicking on the button, you can save the citation for later use or paste it right into the document you are working on. Install it here.


We all struggle with remembering passwords, but they are something we all need. You don’t want to use the same password for every login you have to do. That is where LastPass comes into play, as it is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to only remember one password! That password will allow you to keep all your other login details together in one place. Besides that, Last Pass will generate super secure passwords for your other logins and will fill them in automatically, as needed. In addition, there is a spot to keep your offline information that you want protected too. Install it here.

AdBlocker Ultimate

When it comes to websites, sometimes the ads on the site can take so long to load and even take over the web page completely. AdBlocker Ultimate removes any advertising, such as pop-ups, videos and banner ads. Besides blocking the ads, AdBlocker Ultimate will also block a variety of online tracking tools, which is an added bonus. After downloading, users do have the option of adding certain websites to their white-list and ads from those websites will still be shown. Install it here.

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  1. zach

    June 7, 2018 at 10:49 AM

    Thank you! really nice. Out of the list I think only Tabitab, Adblock and lastpass are a must have and I’ll add itunes as well for apple users

  2. Mansoor

    June 19, 2018 at 9:59 AM

    Can’t live without LastPass.
    Tabitab appears to be the great next extension, didn’t hear about that one before

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