Five Time Management Techniques That Actually Work

No one’s a natural at managing their time. We all have a tendency to prefer relaxation and leisure over work and labor. Those who do manage to use their time wisely simply have the discipline to get over this fact about human nature. They also have a set of time management techniques which helps them utilize their time wisely.

I’m sure you heard about time management techniques as early as elementary school. You’ve probably studied them enough to convince yourself it’s impossible to conform to them. Maybe it’s not your fault. It could be you’ve been studying the wrong strategies. There isn’t one solution that works for everyone. But, even the most disorganized person can do something to manage their time better.

5 Time Management Techniques That Can Help

Tip #1: Eliminate Unnecessary Activities

Maybe you’re struggling to fit in that nine’O clock bath at the end of a hard day. While baths are relaxing and offer a lot of mental benefits, they’ve been proven to be a worse method of getting clean than taking a shower. Plus, they waste a lot more time and use a lot more water than showering does.

Instead of engaging in this unnecessary activity at the end of everyday, only take baths on the weekend. You need the time during your week to finish school assignments and work obligations. If you feel the need to get clean before you go to bed, take a quick shower. You can slowly start to replace other, unnecessary, luxury activities in your schedule as well.

Tip #2: Write Down What You Do

It’s hard to look at how you’re using your time when you have no documentation of it. Be sure to write down everything you do throughout the day. This includes when you go to bed, and how long you stay asleep. Once you have a schedule mapped out, you’ll be able to see which leisure activities need cutting.

Tip #3: Start Multitasking

If you are absolutely determined to take your daily bath at the end of the day, maybe you could start multitasking while you’re in there. Obviously, it isn’t a good idea to take electronics into the bathroom. Still, you start to plan out tomorrow’s dinner and figure out how you’re going to start that next, conference call.

Tip #4: Make Sure Half Of Your Schedule Is Dedicated To work

Half of the time in your day should be dedicated to project timelines or work. Sleep is a leisure activity that’s already eaten up most of your time that’s dedicated to luxury activities. Still, if you sleep a reasonable amount of hours, you should be able to fit in time for T.V. and Xbox with only half your day available.

Tip #5: Allow For Some Fluctuation

No schedule is perfect. There may be an unexpected emergency tomorrow that eats up most of the time you’ve set aside for work. For that reason, make your schedule a little flexible.

It’s Time To Incorporate Time Management

If you’re really interested in utilizing your time better, incorporating these time management techniques into your lifestyle shouldn’t be an issue. Trying doing them one at a time. That’ll make the transition from being disorganized to being organized easier.

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