What You Should Do When Your Friend Goes Traveling

It can be a sad time when your best friend announces they are going to go traveling. It’s likely at least one of your closest friends will do some traveling at some point in their early 20’s. As much as you will miss them, it is an exciting time for them, and you should be happy for them. Here are some things you should do when your friend decides to go traveling.

Spend Time With Them

You are likely not going to see your close friend for at least a couple of months if they are going traveling. Therefore, you should spend some quality time together before they go. Talk about the fun times you have shared and let them discuss their traveling plans if they want to. Arrange a day out together where you can chat, rather than a trip to a cinema or a club, where you can’t have a good conversation. Give them some well wishes about their trip, and ensure you are supportive of their decision. They might be feeling a bit apprehensive, as well as excited about the trip, so let them share any worries with you. But don’t put them off going as it will be a fantastic experience.

Buy Them A Present

When your friend tells you they are leaving, it’s a necessity to buy them something they can use on their trip. You may want to get them a travel journal which they can use to write about the adventures they are experiencing while they are away. You can have a look through it when they get back. Another great gift would be a camera so they can take photos while they are away. You and your other friends could join up and buy them a high- quality camera such as a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3. Then they can get some fantastic shots while they’re away. After all, they will be uploading them to Facebook so you can see what they’re up to! If they are traveling alone, you should buy them a selfie stick, so they don’t have to rely on others to take photos of them.

Promise To Keep In Touch

Another thing you should do when your friend decides to go traveling is to promise to keep in touch. If they will have access to the internet while they are away, you should promise to Skype each other once a week. Or if they won’t have access to the internet, you may want to send letters to each other. It will be exciting receiving letters in the post from your friend. It’s important to promise to stay in touch as your friend will likely start feeling homesick when they’re away.

Don’t Linger When Saying Goodbye

The best thing you can do to make it less difficult for you and your friend when they are going is to make the goodbye short and sweet. You don’t want to linger because it will make it more painful. Give them a hug and don’t tell them how much you will miss them.

And as this article says, they will have such an amazing experience, and it can make your friendship stronger.

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