What Would A Keyboard Say If It Could Talk To Humans?

It’s anybody’s guess! Mine would probably say something similar to…

“Holy smoke girl, go get a life and keep your hands away from me.”

But, hey dude, there’s no need to be heartless!

Well, we interviewed a few keyboards and asked them if they are happy, content, feeling abandoned, miserable or absolutely proud to serve you. Here is what they said…

“I’m a sick and unwholesome keyboard. My keys are all flooded with food and drink scraps that spills on me regularly. Tell me, would you like it if I left those things on your face? I recently found out I’m dying from germs. Yes, the death clock is ticking and I have a few days left. Go type on another victim.”

Filthy Keyboard from South Africa

“I am lucky to have such an owner. It’s my pleasure to serve him and I am pleased to shift or Alt my abilities whenever needed. On the weekends, he wipes off the dust and cleans my little surface with Disinfecting Wipes. These are the cheerful days!”

Blessed Keyboard from Brazil

“Wait…What? Seriously, you search for such idiot things? By the way, I understand it’s a lot to ask, but if at all feasible, could you please give me a little cleaning from now on! I work for you 24/7. What do you think I am, a Battery? Just a little kindhearted warm care wouldn’t hurt you and would be definitely appreciated.”

Depressed keyboard from Netherlands

Almost every keyboard shares with you the process of searching and editing information by letting you do all the typing while it silently sits there decoding every key stroke on its surface. So imagine if your keyboard could talk, how delighted would you be with its story?

In an era of smart technology, people are always seeking knowledge online. The Internet provides you with a plethora of information. So true. But remember, it is always watching you as you scamper around! Believe it or not, what we type and search for tells a lot about who we are.

Quick, Which one of your friends do you stay in contact with most of the time?

Not sure? Go ask your keyboard.

By the same token, the internet has a lot of ways to learn about you by discovering your interests from what you look for and click on. Yes, it knows about you… a lot actually. Yes, it’s 2016, and people could care less, unfortunately!

Now, do you want to hear a touching incident? I got my keyboard a special silicone protector, and guess what? I received the following, Thank you for that pretty new protector to shelter my keys from all the dust and dirt out there.”

Awww, I love you keyboard! *Tears*

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