Brand New DSL Internet Plans & Prices In Lebanon

new dsl internet prices in lebanon

If you’re a hardcore internet user in Lebanon (and who isn’t), then today’s your lucky day!

OGERO‘s general director, Imad Kreidieh recently tweeted that there would be better pricing as well as better monthly plans for users to take advantage of, and it looks like the roll-out has begun.

To keep things short, here’s a list of the new, announced plans:

  • 2 Mbps / Unlimited GB – 60,000L.L
  • 4 Mbps / 40 GB – 24,000L.L
  • Open Speed / 50 GB – 30,000L.L
  • Open Speed / 100 GB – 45,000L.L
  • Open Speed / 150 GB – 60,000L.L
  • Open Speed / 200 GB – 75,000L.L
  • HDSL / 100 GB – 100,000L.L

Open Speed” is a new term for most Lebanese internet users, as they’re accustomed to specified bandwidths (2 Mbps, etc..) and it basically means that you’ll get a connection speed as fast as your copper phone line can handle. According to recent tests OGERO conducted, the speeds will be able to reach up to 12 Mbps for people that are near the exchange offices.

The last change in prices was two years ago and even though we’re all in favor of cheaper DSL offerings, it’s pretty much useless when speeds remain unchanged but hopefully this will come soon.

As for free night quota, Kreidieh claimed that it will not be available at this stage.

There’s currently no word as to how quickly the other Lebanese ISP’s will roll-out the new plans, but we’ll keep you posted.

What are you going to do with you extra speed and consumption? Let us know in the comments below!

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