Surprising Jobs You Can Do Over the Internet

surprising internet jobs

You probably already know that more people than ever are doing their jobs over the Internet from the “comfort of their own home”, as people like to put it. But you may not be familiar with just how many careers you can take on without leaving your house, thanks to modern telecommuting technology. These lucrative and important positions can be done within comfortable reach of your bed – are you skilled enough to take any of them on?


People always imagine tutoring to be a face-to-face endeavor. But e-learning makes it easier than ever to get paid to share your skills with others. You can use something like Udemy to create your own video course that others can sign up for, and there are a lot of tutors who are known to make a very healthy living doing so. But you can also look into using video chat to give one-on-one tutoring sessions. This is popular among children as well as adults; in fact, a lot of parents feel safer hiring a tutor to teach their kids over the Internet!


Maybe it seems inappropriate to be doing something so serious, and that often requires a degree of intimacy, over the Internet. In fact, it may seem like a business model that couldn’t possibly take off: counseling over the Internet? Using instant messaging and video chat? Well, think about it: in many ways, it’s like telemedicine. There are people who have trouble leaving their homes, or itinerant workers, who need help from a therapist. This isn’t something you can just slip into – you need to be serious in your approach to answering “How do I become a counseling psychologist?” – but if you’ve got what it takes, it’s a booming and very helpful business indeed.

Executive Positions

Chief Operating Officer? Vice President of Sales? Chief of Staff? Heck, even Chief Executive Officer? Yes – they’re all in the league of ‘executive positions you can do from home’. Sure, you probably need to leave your house on occasion for certain meetings, but even this isn’t required for everyone. These executive positions are actually outsourced more than you think – a lot of CEOs, for example, are people who work from home and consult a business from a completely different country. This can work really well for the executives in question, especially because it provides them with a work-life balance of which they were probably devoid before they took their skills to the Internet.

Interior Designer

Though ‘executive’ may have struck you as a particularly bizarre job that’s possible over the Internet, the idea of an interior designer who doesn’t have to leave their home may strike you as even more strange, even though the stakes are much lower. Surely an interior designer has to leave their home and check out the location they’ve been hired to design or decorate? You know what I’m about to say: not necessarily. E-interior designers, as they’re (perhaps originally) known, use the likes of Photoshop, VR, and CAD software to do their work from home, over the Internet.

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