Handymen, House Calls, And Happy Clients

keeping your clients happy

If you are an entrepreneur and planning on setting up your own hands-on business as a handyman, there is probably one thing that you are slightly worried about: house calls. This is one aspect of self-employed work that many entrepreneurs worry about when they are thinking of starting their own plumbing, electrical, or construction company. They will no longer have a company to use as a safety net if anything were to go wrong in a customer’s home. However, if you follow these important tips, you will find that not much goes wrong while you’re doing your house calls.

Get Insurance

Your own workspace or workshop should be insured. If you have business insurance, more often than not, this will cover your space or work. However, this won’t cover you while you are out working on someone else’s property. As you can never tell what will happen in the future, it is important that you get an insurance policy that covers you while you are working on house calls. That way, both you and your client are protected from any expensive damage that you may cause. It also covers you if you ever have an accident.

Keep Security In Mind

You never know what type of people you will be working for and, as you won’t know exactly what to expect from them or their home, it is important that you keep your safety and security in mind. Firstly, keep your expensive tools and equipment safe. You can find carrying and shipping cases online, which you can lock and will be water and fire proof. Ideally, you should keep these locked at all times when they are out of your sight. It’s a good idea to keep yourself safe as well by taking a look around the property before you start work to ensure that you know the type of building you will be working in and any potential hazards.

Keep Your Client Informed

Some customers might prefer to stay at home while you are working, while others may be happy to leave you on your own while they go to work. Whether your client is at home or not, you should always keep them well-informed of the work and how it is going. If they are at home, give them an update every hour or so. If they are out and you leave before they return, be sure to give them a call that evening to bring them up to speed. You can then also tell them if there are any freshly painted walls or other sections of work that they shouldn’t touch.

Be Professional

Some people may not be too keen on letting a stranger into their home, so you should look very professional when you turn up. This will ease their worries slightly and will help you gain their trust. And it is also this professional manner that could lead them to recommend you to all their friends!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to silence any doubts you have about your new entrepreneurial venture!

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