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Technology has tremendously impacted our entire way of living over the past few years, especially on the business front, and it is continuing to move forward with no signs of slowing down. Thus, keeping up to date with technology is a must if you don’t want to fall behind.

To ensure that businesses run smoothly, IT professionals dedicate their lives to safeguard the systems that run the modern day business world. It’s very important that small and medium sized business owners take the necessary precautions to stay safe online and protect their data.

London based Indigo IT‘s focus is to give their customers the opportunity to get the most out out of the tech systems and deliver proactive IT and Telecom services to meet the needs of their clients.

More times than none, most businesses claim that their IT support is effective and hands on which usually means that they rely on a single individual to take responsibility for all the IT in the company. While it works out for some, this can inevitably result in single overworked employee worrying about IT systems; and in certain cases IT might not be that employee’s primary area of expertise. To be blunt, this will hamper the company’s progress and in this case outsourcing is much more effective.

At Indigo IT, communication is a key aspect in ensuring that the company keeps in touch with their clients, that’s why they use plain English to deliver the necessary information to clients in simple jargon that both parties can simply converse in.

The outsource support company’s services are divided into four categories: IT Solutions, IT Consultancy, IT Cloud, and IT Telecoms.

Indigo IT provides dependable traditional IT Support, Project Support, System Implementations, and Hardware & Infrastructure, tailored to the specific needs of each Indigo client’s business while ensuring that systems are well maintained and monitored for faults. In addition, Indigo offers services from advice all the way to supply installation and ongoing maintenance. The IT Support is tailored to meet the requirements of each client, rather than a one solution fits all approach. The services include telephone hotline support, remote access to systems, monitoring of critical services like backup, security, antivirus and regular on-site maintenance visits. The agreements thoroughly focus on maintaining the health and availability of the Network, keeping in mind that there is no need for in house IT resource. However, if need be the Indigo IT support team can complement existing IT teams.

Indigo IT also provides consultancy based services to certify the clients investments in IT, and that they meet the needs of business at hand. Their passionate consultancy team offers services that include full System Reviews, IT Strategy, outsourced IT Management, solution design, and best practice advice. The team’s main purpose is understanding the client’s business need which allows them to  provide the appropriate IT solutions. The consultancy procedure usually involves a full review of the existing systems in addition to an in depth discussion on business processes in non-techie terms, which is documented alongside recommendations for improvements to make sure that the systems are more robust, secure and more efficient.

The dawn of cloud technology brings forth new opportunities to leverage the benefits of moving IT systems into a hosted model. Indigo cloud based solutions include; Cloud Desktop, Hosted Backup, Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office 365, and Hosted Exchange Email. In today’s fast paced business world, operating remotely is a key requirement to be able to advance without the need for investment in servers and other infrastructure.

Furthermore, Indigo IT offers telecoms & VOIP systems through its TeamCall brand of telephony services and solutions which allows their clients to communicate effectively with the outside world. The IT team manages the customers telecoms, their services include; VOIP, Broadband, Leased Lines, Private Networks and Telephone Systems. Just like cloud computing, cloud telephony is also here to stay.

Indigo IT improves business performance, simple as that. At a time where tech is somewhat the nervous system of the world, it’s very important take care of that system, and what better way than having dedicated professionals do that work for you?

If you’re curious and would like to read more about Indigo, you can do that on their website.

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