Marketing Unplugged: Advertising Without The Internet

marketing without the internet

It is completely unfathomable in the modern business world, but what if you were to operate your business without the Internet for one day? Would you be able to do it? And what about marketing? Would you be able to find ways to promote your company without resorting to online blog posts, social media, tweeting, and so forth? You may think it’s an impossible task but businesses had to make the most of the advertising without the Internet a long time ago! So if you are ever left without the Internet but still want to keep your business ticking over, there are many ways you can do it.


Billboards are now the most sophisticated of digital technology en masse, but you can make the most captivating signs without a digital design program, and in fact, all you need is a great image and someone who has the skills to design a fantastic sign! Billboards and small signs won’t get the attention of the savvy Internet user, but it will stand out for the older generation. And that’s the important thing about not solely relying on the Internet to market, because there are still people who don’t even own a computer.

Business Association

Local businesses are a vital component of aligning yourself with small scale companies with a trusted name and a wide-reaching influence. While a lot of the emphasis has moved towards social networking, the more personal approach of building valuable working relationships will carry more weight than a random email out of the blue. If you strike up the right conversation with the right business, you will have a lifelong professional relationship that does you well.

Local Newspapers

A lot of newspapers are making the transition online right now, but by making the most of the local newspapers, you may find a niche method to accessing a market that is untapped by the Internet. The local free sheet can be a very useful method for promoting your business on a low budget and is a perfect way to drum up organic, local support. And if you’ve got a wide distribution in your local area you could be making your way through the letterbox of many thousands of households.

Using Events

Another personal approach, this entails you bringing your customers to your business and showing them exactly what you do and how you do it. Combining this with a local event such as entertainment or a funfair, this is an excellent way to entice people and to encourage support for your small business. Or you could downscale it and hold small meet and greets once a month for a few hours.

In addition to these, you could make phone calls, send letters, use reward schemes or even make the most of local sponsorship. There are many methods to promote your business without having to rely on the Internet. What would happen if your Internet went down for a day? Would all marketing cease or would you find a way around it, like the above?

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.