How To Monetize Your Mobile Games

Advertising In The World Of Mobile Game Monetization Strategies 

Little wonder that nowadays advertising stands out among modern mobile game monetization options, because the majority of other mobile game monetization models are focused the payments from gamers. Though ads can be used in paid apps as well, but experts strongly recommend to be very careful in such cases, because when people pay some amount of money, they don’t expect to encounter ads. Also it can be an option in free-to-install apps to sell ad removal. Paid apps strategy suits best for non-game apps, while free-to-install is better for online games, with possibility to buy extra functions, timings, boosts combined with carefully thought-through advertising.

How To Monetize Mobile Games

There is no perfect solution for all apps. Mobile game app monetization offers lots of opportunities and has a great variety of solutions within it. You should elaborate your own way of how to get money from mobile game in the very first stages of a new game designing. Your chosen strategy should help people keep having fun while they donate for your game, buy a booster or a customized avatar, or click on an add which are viewed in your app.

Don’t forget about app analytics as well. In order to apply really effective mobile game ad monetization system, you understand your app data. There are two types:

1- Users’ in-app behavior when they are playing.

2- The analytics of the app itself, which shows you info about your users, their geo, app monetization statistics and so on.

It can be monitored with the help of free instruments such as Google Analytics or with a paid one.

Advertising Formats

Clickky’s Ads Platform are proud to offer you a great variety of modern ad formats for iOS and Android. Each format has its own specifics.

  • Banner ads are the easiest and therefore the most popular monetization solution. At Clickky you can get any of the existing banner formats for smartphones and tablets.
  • Native ads usually look like conventional posts or messages. They are totally integrated into your app, don’t bother users and show higher CTR.
  • Video ads are a fast growing format in mobile advertising with high engagement and great eCPM rates.
  • Interstitial are the most popular format among monetizers, because it is the most clickable one. This kind of add is full screen and covers an app interface. It doesn’t bother users and shows highest eCPM rates and high engagement rate.
  • App-wall is a new format of interbedded ads, displayed as a list of apps. App-walls are full-screen ads that appear directly on the app and don’t look like a traditional advertising. It is possible to use it for your other apps promotion with it. They provide high eCPM and user engagement rates.

Good luck with monetizing your games!

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