How To Prevent Your Phone From Breaking

Everyone has been there. Your cell phone has fallen out of your pocket and crashed to the ground. What used to resemble your phone now resembles a mess of metal and wires that are impossible to put back together. Apart from losing money on a new phone, you also lose all of your data and sensitive information. There is no doubt about it – breaking your phone sucks! Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way any longer because there are measures you can take to protect it. Here’s a selection of the best and most effective ones.

Buy A Case

A case may only seem like a thin piece of plastic, but it takes the brunt of the fall. If your cell falls and lands on its back, the case should absorb most of the pressure. Hopefully, that means that the case will break instead of the phone. If a plastic case doesn’t fill you with confidence, you can always get a rubber or metal one. And if that isn’t enough, powder coating a metal case will make it even more durable as the powder acts as a protective shield.

Choose Your Pocket Wisely

Your back pants pocket seems like a good choice until you sit on it and break the screen. And, your shirt pocket seems fine also until you lean over and drop it in your drink. The best pockets are your side pants pockets or inside pockets on your jacket. That way, you won’t sit on your phone, and it shouldn’t fall out unless you do something strenuous.

Walk, Don’t Run

If you plan on doing something silly, remove your cell from your person before you begin. Running and jumping around are sure-fire ways to break phones because they can’t take the strains and stresses. The best option is to take your phone and put it somewhere safe. Then, you don’t run the risk of any undue damage.

Steer Clear Of Water

Water is deadly for your phone as water and electricity don’t mix. However, water is also a photogenic setting that you want to snap. For example, there is no better photo than the setting sun over the ocean. Just remember that your phone won’t work even if it is exposed to a small amount of water. When you are near water, leave your phone in a dry spot. With regards to cell phones, dry means safe and fully functioning.

Watch Where You Are Walking

It may sound far-fetched, but lots of people break their phones by walking into other objects. For instance, they text while walking and bump into a lamppost. Although you think it won’t happen to you as you have the awareness of a Jedi, it is a possibility. If you don’t have to text while you are walking, look up every couple of seconds. Then, you can avoid any nasty collisions and won’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

As you can tell, you don’t need to do anything special to keep your phone intact.  

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