NASA Released Stunning New Footage Of Earth & What It Shows Is Truly Breathtaking [VIDEO]

Need perspective? Of course – we all do. We all need reminders that prompt us to see beyond our small bubble and have a greater view of life.

Well, this stunning video will give it to you.

Editor Dmitry Pisanko took publicly available footage from the International Space Station (ISS) and set it to the beautiful music of composer Ludovico Einaudi. The resulting 4-minute timelapse video is truly breathtaking.

Pisanko picked out incredible footage from the ISS speeding through Earth’s orbit. The video makes the largest cities in the world appear to be mere blotches of light surrounded by the deep blue of the sea. We also get to see natural phenomenon like the Auroa Borealis and thunderstorms from above — breathtaking.

Videos like this are important to watch because they open our eyes to broad perspective. If you’re ever feeling bogged down in the small details of life (which happens often!) then pause, and remember the sheer wonder and beauty that surrounds us.

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Via InspireMore

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